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Offline Selling - Part 4

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Posted 14th March 2009 at 12:02 PM by TimCastleman

Answering Questions/Overcoming Objections

In the 4th part of your sales presentation you take the time to answer any questions that the prospect might have and overcome any objections.

To do that you can use a very simple 3 part strategy.

Before I lay that out understand two things. First that the objection or question is not personal. I know when people say they don't like something or disagree with something we get our feelings hurt because we think it has to do with us. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact in 99.9% of issues that come up have NOTHING to do with your personality.

The second thing to remember is that if you look at objections and questions as a way to educate your prospect and do not take it personally you will be more successful.

So when someone doesn't agree with you or has a question don't take it personal and look at it as a way to educate your prospect.

This 3 step process makes it easier.

So lets say that your prospect doesn't agree with your assessment that an email autoresponder will increase their business and decrease their cost.

What do you do then? It's easy.

Step 1 - Listen.

Simply put - shut up. Give them a chance to talk and express their concerns. Again they are giving you the keys to their kingdom. They have already told you everything about their business and now they are going to tell you how to make the sell.

Think of it like this they are saying I want to buy and if you can answer my question or address my concern then I'm sold.

When a customer talks - you listen. Take it one step further and take notes when they talk. It will help keep your mouth shut and also help you remember key points to bring up later.

Step 2 - Agree.

Now first question you're asking is - what if I don't agree with the prospect and they are dead wrong? I understand what you are saying but hear me out.

You don't have to agree with the prospect. All you have to do is saying things like this.

I understand what you're saying ...
That is a valid concern ...
Great point ...

Think about it from your prospects point of view.

They are addressing a concern that THEY have. For you to dismiss it makes a conflict between you two. Again you don't have to agree with them - instead just point out that they have brought up a valid point - and it is valid because they have had it.

Step 3 - Suggest

To do this effectively you have to take your prospects position. Meaning you have to start from where they are, not where you want them to be.

In our example they don't think that an autoresponder will help them. First you listened and didn't contradict them. Then you followed that up with a comment like - that is a valid point, or I understand where you are coming from, etc.

Now it is time to suggest something. So the next part would be this ... Let me suggest something that might help you. We both agree that readership of newspapers are way down, technology has allowed consumers zip past commericals and get satellite radio. Not to mention that the cost of advertising is only going up.

With an autoresponder your cost per customers is very affordable. Not to mention at any given time you can contact them personally to invite them to come and spend money at your store for nothing more than a few moments of your time.

There are less ways for them to block you or tune you out and it allows you to stay in constant contact with them.

My suggestion is for you to try it out for the next 6 months. I will help you every step of the way and make it as hands off for you and you want it. If you want I will do everything for you.

At the end of 6 months we'll evaluate it together and if it isn't bringing you the return you and I are looking for then we'll discontinue it.

So now you have listened, agreed, and suggested a solution to thier problem. Not once did you talk over, trivialize, or blow off their concerns.

This is powerful stuff and can be used in life just as easy as it can be in business.



Less than 24 hours until my WSO goes bye bye forever. Time to crap or get off the pot as my grandfather would say.

I can't think of a better investment into your offline marketing than this - Offline Marketing Motherload.
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