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Add More Power To Your Headlines And Watch Your Post Replies Jump Like Crazy!

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Posted 20th December 2015 at 02:53 PM by timfleagle

Affiliate Marketing Headlines, Benefits And Features

In affiliate marketing, the most important part of any sales letter, is the headline.

A really fantastic headline has the power to grab attention and encourage viewers to keep reading.

A poorly-written headline has the power to drive visitors away before they have a chance to read anything else.

NOTE: The following information can be applied to ads, newsletters, etc., but we'll be using the sale page as our example.

Headlines should generally be 2-3 lines, written in a large font, and should be in quotes.

Quotes greatly increase response, because it makes people read the headline more carefully. Headlines should also typically be written in red, because red really stands out and gets noticed.

I also highly recommend split testing several different headlines to see which one gets the best response.

There is no big affiliate marketing copywriting secret to writing killer headlines every single time without testing. In fact, that is the big secret!

Testing headlines is vital. Of course, you can use a formula to devise headlines quickly for testing purposes and to make sure the text really speaks to your target audience.

Use one of the following formulas:
· Who Else Wants to _____________?
· How to ________________
· The Secrets ____________ Don’t Want You To Know!
· How a ___________ Went From ____________ to _______ in _______

- How a Single Mom Went From Flat Broke to Seven Figures in Just Six Weeks!
- The Shocking Secrets Car Dealers Are Hoping You Will Never Find Out!
Benefits vs. Features

Many novice affiliate marketers focus on features rather than benefits.
Customers don’t want to know about the features of a product.

They want to know what it will do for them!

Let’s say you are selling a cell phone. Features of that phone might be:
· 60 hours of talk time per battery charge
· Built-in web cam
· Built-in email

These are features. They aren’t really enough to get someone to buy, but you can turn those features into benefits quickly and easily.

Example: “With up to 60 hours of talk time, the Nohkeeah 5555 will keep you in touch with your friends and family three times longer than a standard cell phone. And with a built-in web cam and email at the touch of a button, you can get intimate with your loved ones faster and easier than ever.”
Benefits are what most people really care about.

Sure, they want to know the technical specs of a product, but they want to know what those specs mean to them!
Let’s look at how to translate features into benefits:

Feature: Built-in calorie counter
Benefit: Never go over your daily calorie count again!

Feature: Glow in the dark buttons
Benefit: Never lose your remote in a dark room!

Feature: Vibration setting
Benefit: Don’t miss an important call because your ringer is turned off in church or a meeting!

Any feature can be turned into a benefit with a little creativity...
Speak to your audience and they will respond!

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Affiliate Marketing Headlines
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