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You Have to Work on You

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Posted 25th November 2012 at 08:09 AM by tlangdon

You Have to Work on You

You have to work on You, now there is a wide open statement, go on then Steve what are you on about this morning….

Well when I say you have to work on you , I am mainly talking about your attitude, you will have seen that picture I found about attitude?

This one Don’t even bother with Talent…. 75% if you must know… So what does this mean and how do we apply it and what can we do to improve it…

We can only work on us, everybody else is a volunteer, and we can only advise… but Us we have full control over…!

I really recommend starting your day with a statement of gratitude, find three new things each morning, that you are grateful to have in your life, add them to the list and say the list out loud 5 times each morning…. You will soon notice a difference in your happy quotient.

Having a good attitude, makes you attractive to be around… this is attraction marketing right, we want to attract quality people to us and our business yes? Well would you want to get into business with you?

Are you happy, fun, do you light up the room? or do things brighten up when you leave?

Look I am not advocating you run around like a clown on acid, ok or

Hammy is the Little character out of Over the Hedge who gets a huge sugar rush from energy drinks that enables him to run so fast he can almost stop time!… I think you can see from the image he ain’t quite normal, well people don’t like that either…

You have to be Normal, you have to be you, and if that means you aren’t the huge social party animal, that is fine , but you can lighten up a bit and start having fun!

I remember going on holiday with the kids one year, they had so wanted a beach holiday, but we thought walking in the hills would be fun, and different.We just kept asking … Are we having fun yet? and the answer that week was always no … we knew … their faces told the story…and this is very important

Look if you are happy , just let your face know, so that the rest of us get the message…

Treat all things equally, obviously things go wrong,stuff comes to try us, our resolve our patience, our determination, just cloak your self with a strong attitude and you will overcome.

How do you work on yourself… well books, I have a put list up on my website. I also have a list of inspirational videos, I use these a lot when I am feeling low, or facing some thing tough….

But above all things I remember a story I heard

A chap was working from home one day to look after his 3 year old son. His wife had gone into hospital. Dad was extremely busy with sales calls, and needed to have some peace and quiet , and the little boy, excited at having Dad home just wanted to play.

Now dad didn’t want to kill the boys enthusiasm, so he looked around for a distraction.

He saw a large picture of the map of earthJust like this one , on the back of a magazine, so he took a pair of scissors and cut it up into a big jigsaw, said to the boy, when you get this picture back together, we can play… Allright thinks the boy, and dad settles down to his next call..

Less than 5 minutes later The child runs through to dads office, Finished he said… dad couldn’t believe it, he said but how? You don’t know where Australia goes or the Urals, or where Indonesia fits in!

The Boy looked up from the completed puzzle and says well I don’t know where any of that stuff goes, but on the back of this picture was this oneI Know where to put the nose and the ears and stuff….

Now that just goes to show, that when you sort the man out the rest of the world just slips into place… Don’t try to fix the worlds problems folks, just get on and get yourself right … the rest really will follow!
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