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Offline Marketing merged with Online Prospecting improves profitability

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Posted 27th November 2012 at 12:22 PM by tlangdon

Offline Marketing and Marketing Basics

The best basic definition of marketing I’ve ever heard was from one of my mentors in this business – Eben Pagan – about 3 1/2 years ago – it has internalized and stuck with me and it is very simply stated as:

Marketing is The science of finding prospects and converting them into profitable customers for your business

Pretty much says it all. I love simplicity and I enjoy taking seemingly complex concepts and making them simple and easy to grasp and understand. If you love complex and market complex – you are getting in your own way. Don’t just keep-it-simple – Make it simpler. When its complicated break it down to simple and remember how you got there that’s your road map. The definition contains two pretty simple components of marketing find the prospects and convert them into profitable customers.

Offline Marketing Can Improve your Sales and Conversions

I’m including here a video from my YouTube channel I did number years ago. This video was targeted at helping entrepreneurs convert online prospects that they obtained for their business into MORE profitable customers. The video includes two simple and cost effective offline marketing tips and projects to help entrepreneurs up sell their back end and continuity products. This is extremely useful in a business that operates under a self-funded proposal concept.

Offline Marketing Leverages a Self-Funded Proposal Business Model

Your online marketing brings a prospect to your website and you have a very small upfront purchase (less than $50) that your prospect makes pretty quickly – if your model works there is a high front end conversion rate! It is usually a loss leader or maybe an e-book type of product.

Offline Marketing can be implemented here to reduce the prospects skepticism

Pretty much all the big Internet marketers that dominate the Internet marketing space use a self-funded proposal type of business model. They use them – but – are able to eliminate skepticism using their reputation and Guru Status. I mentioned one of my early Internet Marketing mentors Eben Pagan was a huge offline marketer – he has most of his products physically shipped. Even in this digital – I want it yesterday – economy. There is still something desirable for the mass market in holding and touching products – guess what by automatic extension their is value in physically touching marketing and promotion collateral also.

Offline Marketing can be effective prospecting – BUT – more effective at relationship building.

Think about it – don’t you still love meeting people physically from online. Don’t you feel it more real when that happens. Society is high information – high sensory and yet we still crave hi-touch! Offline Marketing communications can build trust and relationships. Every online entrepreneur has heard it – “People do business with people they know like and trust“. Remember you can use offline marketing to prospect, to up sell high ticket and top tier products AND to strengthen continuity products. Yesterday I shared some free tear sheet templates which are a useful offline marketing tool. Current statistics show most continuity type programs last 90 days or less. What if your offline strategy could extend all your continuity products an extra 60-90 days – would your business be more profitable? You bet – these are ideas you can implement for 2-5 dollars.

Offline Marketing Tips Video To Leverage Your Online Prospecting

Now grab your beverage of choice and spend a few minutes seeing two creativity expanding ideas. Watch this video and think of other crazy, cool ideas you can implement to your existing customer list!

If You Would Like More Details On The tools I used in The Video – Get Your Video Bootcamp Here and I will send you details when you reply to one of my welcome messages!!!!!
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