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Dedicated to teaching people how to create an online business.
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What Are The Steps In Creating An Online Business? The Real Deal:

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Posted 14th February 2009 at 09:49 AM by TLTheLiberator

Hi, I'm TL Saunders and lots of people want to know what are the steps in creating an online business?

To begin with...

It's a great decision because these are very the best of times for creating an online business and these days will be known as the golden age for conducting an online business.


Because years of trial and error has already been done by others and proven net business models, tools and techniques have been established.

Now anyone with common sense, that can follow simple directions and has a decent work ethic can learn exactly what are the steps in creating an online business and actually create another source of income.

Well, the first step is deciding exactly how you plan on earning income with your online business.

What's going to be your online or internet business model?

Guess what?

Deciding how you're going to earn income will immediately curtail any initial confusion on your part if you want to know what are the steps in creating an online business.

Let's discuss the famous niche affiliate model OK?

For the niche affiliate model, which also happens to be the #1 income model for success with internet business people here are the steps in creating an online business.

Why is niche affiliate marketing model #1?

Because more people are earning good money with this model than any other internet business model - bar none & it's not even close.

Step #1:

Internet Business Model Selection:

Let's pretend that you have decided to promote products and services to people that are not interested in creating and running an online business.

You will not be creating your own products, you will act as a middle man between people that are interested in products and services and online businesses that offer the products and services.

When you help people purchase a product, you will receive a commission for the sale.

It's a sound choice since it's 10x easier to make good money if you're promoting to people that are not also promoting something themselves.

(Lots of new online business people make this mistake and falsely believe operating in the how to make money niche is the be all to end all - but it is not.)

You have decided to become a niche affiliate marketer:

Step #2:

Niche Selection:

It's time to select a group of people to market to: ( I mean serve )

There are over 50,000 well defined groups of people to serve so you shouldn't have any problem finding a group of people to serve.

Step #3:

Product Selection:

It's time to locate at least a couple of products and services for the people of the niche you selected to serve.

Step #4:

Landing/Warm Page:

It's time to slap up a landing/presell page of some sort for your prospects.

Lots of people get frightened at this point but if you can fill in a few blanks or use a word processor type of program you can easily slap up landing/warmup pages in a flash.

Why bother with a landing page??

It's way best to bring your prospects to a landing page that you control so that you can...

- warm up the prospect first, before you ask them to click on through to a sales page that will do the job of getting the prospect to actually purchase something so that you can earn a commission.

By the way, you'll obtain 10x more sales if you use a landing page in your sales process.


- ASAP, start building your list by collecting email addresses of your prospects by offering a related free report, ecourse etc and then you can send them to the presell/warmup page...

... and then send them off to the merchant's site where they will try to make the sale so you can get a commission.

Note: This eventual list building strategy in only to be implemented after you have a landing/warmup page and have learned how to get a steady stream of prospects to any page/offer you like.

Also, initially you do not have to get a paid website hosting account as any one of the free webspage or blog systems all over the net will do just fine for starters and to help you get on with the important job of getting your feet wet by actually doing/going through the niche affiliate process.

Examples of a free webpage or blog system would be ones offered at ...

... or perhaps google's

OK, so far... ( before we go on to step #5 )

- You've selected a income plan - the niche affiliate model:

- You've selected a niche or group of people to market to: ( I mean serve )

- You've located a couple of products and services for the people of the group:

- You've slapped up a landing/presell page of some sort:

Step #5:

Traffic generation!!!!

Now my friend, it's time to get prospects to your landing pages and see what happens.

After only 400 to 500 visitors you will have a good idea of how your prospects will react to your offer and determine what you will do next with the test project.

This a major part of the online business process and a part that many people get confused.

Why the confusion here???

Because there are dozens of proven methods of getting prospects to an offer and some people get confused by the different step by step aspects of each traffic gen strategy.


I'm not going to get into the numerous proven methods or strategies of driving interested prospects to your offers except to say that you simply have to select one of them, learn it and then and busy getting people to your landing/warmup page:

I will say that you can either do some work for free visitors or you can simply pay for the visitors.

There are many ways to do both and either way can make you a lot of money.

When you learn how to master traffic/visitor generation you are 90% on the way to being able to write your own ticket and assure the massive success of your online business.

Let's wrap this up shall we?

If you follow this simple process above and test with the attitude of a scientist, it's just a matter of your time and effort before you discover your first winning product/promotion.

That's the real deal when it comes to learning what are the steps in creating an online business.

I hope this helps!

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