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How to Install Authority Sniper

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Posted 10th March 2012 at 04:12 PM by tomcam

When you download Authority Sniper and use Windows to extract the .zip file, you may be surprised to find a readme and the mysterious file AuthorityTrafficPackage.rar, which can't be opened using the default Windows installation.

Windows users don't customarily use .rar files. This post shows you how to obtain the excellent free 7-zip program to extract the Windows installer file from within AuthorityTrafficPackage.rar.

No affiliate links were used in the making of this blog post.

If you haven't already done done so, in Windows Explorer, Right-click the .zip file you just download and choose Extract. Note the directory it creates. It is inside your downloads directory. Go that folder Inside you'll find AuthorityTrafficPackage.rar instead of the expected .exe or .msi installer program.

1. Download and install 7-zip

7-zip is reliable, fast, and free. I use it for all file unzips, even over the standard Windows right-click action. It's much faster.
  • Download 7-zip from 7-zip Download

    The 7-zip Installer file you download is called something like 7z920.exe
  • Run the installer and accept its defaults. If Windows asks you whether you should really run this program, click Yes.

2. Open and extract the .rar file
Your download is probably called[/LIST][*]Launch 7-zip[*]From the File menu, choose Open[*]Navigate to your download directory containing your Authority Sniper .rar file[*]Move the 7-zip highlight to AuthorityTrafficPackage.rar [*]Click Extract (blue minus sign button at top) to remove the installer from its .rar prison

A dialog comes up suggesting a directory location.
[*]Navigate to a new directory if you wish but the default is good. [/LIST]It's just a temporary directory to deposit the actual installer file, which you can delete later. The actually Authority Traffic installer hasn't been run yet.

When you click Extract the file within is created and moved to a new directory named something like this. Your mileage may vary according to your Windows username and directory settings:
You will see the installer, currently called ArticleHunter-Enterprise Setup.exe.

Hmmm.... wonder the name of the program was?

3. Finally! install

You now have the installer file you expected to find in the first place.
  • Navigate there using Windows Explorer.
    Inside that directory is
  • Double-cick ArticleHunter-Enterprise Setup.exe, then go through the standard Windows installation.
Normally accepting all defaults is fine.
Now're you're ready to go build a site!
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