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SEO Suicide?

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Posted 7th July 2012 at 03:09 PM by tomcam

In his Blog Curation class, Harlan Kilstein claims that you can get good rankings fast through curation, which is a fancy way of saying linking to other people's sites and wrapping it in a little editorial content.

He's right. In fairly short order I brought my website named to page 1 of Google for the search "web marketing free".

In my previous blog entry, inexpertly titled, I posited that I may have shot myself in the foot but didn't explain myself.

My primary goal is ultimately to rank for the phrase "web marketing strategies", not "web marketing free". Both are highly competitive. But my goal of penetrating the high end of the SEO market means that people searching for the word "free" are less prone to fork over the big bucks.

Along with curation we can guess that the domain name Web Marketing Strategies is, whatever Google claims about this matter, an important part of the web ranking.

By the time I purchased my domain name, all worthwhile variations of were long gone. Therefore I decided to use a related search term for the domain name and use it as a springboard to the term I really want to rank for.

The original plan was to use aggressive but totally white hat SEO to get that job done. It languished. Meanwhile Harlan's Blog Curation course (relax, not an affiliate link) was released and I decided to put his techniques to work.

The results are stellar so far. With far less work than I should have put into it, and using absolutely nothing other than about 5% of what Harlan teaches in the course, I hit page 1 this week.

The potentially fatal flaw is that Google may weigh the domain name too heavily, and I couldn't blame them. It is possible that I've set a trap for myself using and that only popularity of epic proportions will inch the needle back over to the real keyword I'm searching for.

Reason my strategy could work: I haven't dipped into the SEO well yet, and I'm pretty good in that department.

Reason my strategy could fail: "web marketing strategies" is by definition a search term that all the experts jockey for, and many of the denizens of Google's page 1 for that term have been doing this a hell of a lot longer than I have.

There is a silver lining. I was a little sloppy in researching the original "web marketing free" phrase. I assumed, but did no research to confirm, that it was not a buying keyword. Turns out that is not the case. The worst case scenario is that I end up building a business selling high volume, lower end products. Not the biggest sacrifice one could make. Beats working a real job, a situation I have avoided since the turn of the milennium.
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