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Best source for PLR

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Posted 8th July 2012 at 03:44 AM by tomcam

I have answered the perennial "best source for PLR" question to my own satisfaction but it suddenly occurred to me that I might be able to contribute meaningfully to the going discussion, because I've bought more PLR than you. No, seriously. Anyhow the question is no longer academic.

I finally published my product on Friday. I won't link to it, but it's a mixed media course on called Instant for anyone who wants to learn how to start a website. (WordPress, natch.) I was dutifully rereading Frank Kern and Jason Fladlien, when suddenly a lightning bolt hit me in the middle of writing my Four Day Cash Machine-style email sequence.

I needed bonuses (boni?).

Lots of bonuses. One thing my dearly missed friend Brandon Fredrickson said has stuck to me, and it's that too many IM novices depart from practices that have been proven over and over to work. I am far more resourceful and clever than most of you peons, so I'm sure you'll be surprised to note that each time I have ignored the basics of marketing and blazed a brilliant new trail of my own... I've flopped miserably.

One Four Day Cash Machine coming up! And although I've reread it half a dozen times last week, I magically overlooked that a big part of its approach is bonuses. Lots of them.

Instant is officially very late, and by late I mean 2 months past the date I hoped for it to hit the streets. I have been cutting corners on marketing to get the damn thing out. The sales page is shockingly bad, the graphic design is currently lousy (I have Design Guru Ryan on the job right now, but I decided to release before he finished, and by "I decided" I mean "my wife decided and threatened to retaliate by destroying all I hold dear"). Bonuses, then, were taken off the table.

Except. Except I promised myself I would execute according to Frank's time-tested formula, not my crappy unproved replacement. His Four Day Cash Machine copy drills pretty deeply into those ol' bonuses (boni?).

Surprise: Bonuses ended up back on the table as of tonight, within 6 hours of publication. Finally my compulsive PLR habit paid off. Frank has 5 bonuses in his example, so I gritted my teeth and forced myself to go past the two self-developed bonuses my comfort zone allowed.

Cruising through the Hard Disk O'Warrior Forum History, I have found more source of top-notch PLR than one could reasonably hope for. Here are the best sources of PLR I know. By "best" I mean their PLR is something I would pay for if I saw it offered as original content in a WSO. My biases: I demand good writing and hate wasted words. OK, enough. Here they are. In every case I have purchased PLR from these sources and found it good enough to add as a bonus to my own product. These are not affiliate links.

Daniel Flowers has a susbscription site at - Top Quality PLR - Every Month. It is top quality
Paul Counts
Justin Popovic's Best Quality PLR seems to be all original and he has the perfect voice for videos
PLR Video Direct follows its "no crap" dictum
The best PLR product I've ever run across is now expired. Its home is Follow those guys.
Bertusonline has pretty good stuff. Some good video clips available as pure PLR here
Tradebit gets recommended a lot. They're way more than if you bought it yourself on WarriorForum, but they can be good in a pinch.
Bryan Kumar
Keirstin and Reimund Lube
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    JustinP's Avatar
    Great blog post here and it was interesting to hear a bit of your story and some of the projects you are working on. I did an entire membership platform on teaching people Wordpress and it is a great market to get into. Good luck with it.

    Thanks for mentioning our PLR program in your post. Our content is indeed all original (except 1 package on Crossfit that was from Sue Fleckenstein and we just created some addons for it)... so I'm very glad to hear it has helped you in your online pursuits and that the quality has met your standards

    Keep up the great work
    Posted 14th August 2012 at 09:52 PM by JustinP JustinP is offline

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