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Traffic, Leads, and Conversions "The Holy Trinity for internet marketers"

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Posted 21st October 2013 at 05:24 PM by TomRay

Solving Real Problems With Tom Ray

Hey everyone, in this post we're going to talk about one of the biggest if not, THE biggest problem that cripples business owners online an offline.

I can almost bet you already know what that problem is, and that your currently dealing with this problem right now.

This problem is Traffic, Leads, and Conversions, "yes I know that's 3 things" But I consider them all as one "Like the holy trinity the father, the son and the holy ghost"

Only Traffic, Leads and Conversions are the holy trinity for business owners! And all are connected as one.

Let me explain, to make your business profitable, you need sales, or "Conversions" and to get conversions you need leads, and to get leads you need Traffic, so you see they are all connected like "The Holy Trinity"

Without a targeted traffic source nothing else matters, that being said if you have plenty of traffic but don't convert that traffic into leads your still going nowhere, and even if you convert the traffic into leads, if you don't convert the leads into sales, your still BROKE!

I know it sounds simple, but this IS the problem that 95% of business's "internet marketers, MLM"s etc." are facing, and have no idea what their next step is!

One reason this is such a big problem is that people just can't afford to dump hundreds of dollars into advertising, if there's no return on investment, or atleast enough to make sense.

This is because they're going about it all wrong, pitching their opportunities up front and loudly, to an untargeted group of people that don't care about your opportunity, "You could have the choicest cut of steak, you will go broke trying to sell it to vegetarians"

So they try all of the free options out there to advertise there business's. These options can work, if you know what your doing, but if you don't you will get little to no results and most people have give'n up by now.

If this is you and you haven't given up by now then I congratulate you, people like you are the ones who have the nerve to make it in our industry.

My first answer to this problem is to educate yourself, there are uncountable courses out there that will point you in the right direction, "some better than others of course"

And after you educate your self on getting traffic, sales, and leads, my advice is to start with the free options of advertising, such as forums like this, "Warrior Forum" is one of the best forums in our niche"

You can also advertise on google face book, and U-tube for free if you know what your doing,"Yes there are ways to do it for free"

Once you find your target market, use these free platforms to test and modify your advertising, untill you have something that you know will convert the Holy Trinity.

I believe that the best place to get started is U-TUBE by far, this platform is absolutely FREE, and if you know how to use U-TUBE, it is the most powerful platform to advertise on.

Advantages of using U-TUBE as your advertising platform.

1.U-TUBE is the #2 or #3 website globally depending on what country your in.

2. With U-TUBE you can build a relationship with your leads and build your brand.

3. U-TUBE videos convert better than sales letters, sales pages, and e-mail marketing all together.

4. People are hanging out in U-TUBE, and using it as their search engine, and if you have U-TUBE videos that match there search, the video's have precedent over other search results, this alone is very powerful!

If you start your advertising here it can become the base of your advertising, you can have videos that you made 2 years ago still producing leads for you, and if you do it right you can have leads coming in daily, on autopilot, now that's true time freedom!

But if you don't know how to use it, you will get lost in a sea of "Me-too" marketers, and people will never see your videos.

Now I know you are serious about growing your business, and doing what ever it takes to make that happen, or you wouldn't be inside the Warrior Forum, looking to learn from it.

So now we've established that you want to use U-TUBE as your advertising platform, I have exactly what your looking for to give you the best chance at succeeding with U-TUBE.

I have a Free webinar that you can register for, it's called "The Recurring Leads Formula" How to generate leads daily, to become a top earner in any opportunity. Click here to register

The presenter is a top earner in two programs, including mine, Mr. Steve Jaffe

Steve actually is responsible for the new found success I'm enjoying right now, and I'm here to share this with you.

So go ahead and register for your free webinar here

In this webinar you WILL learn how to:

1. How to generate leads DAILY on autopilot 100% Free

2. The Key to time freedom in your business, "Even if you don't have a down line!"

3. How to tap into the #2 website "U-TUBE" to rake in leads even while you sleep.

4. How Steve used this lead generation strategy to become a top earner in two programs in 60 days.

And it's loaded with golden nuggets throughout the webinar, that you will not find anywhere else.

Also I believe for a short time Steve is offering some coaching sessions for people who attend the webinar and want to implement what he is teaching you, depending on Steve's schedule of course.

This is the best answer to the Holy Trinity for internet marketers "Traffic, Leads, and Conversions" And its the best place for struggling and new marketers alike to get started.

Steve will be able to show you how he generates from up to 25-60 leads a day on autopilot, yes that's correct 25-60 a day!

Think of how that would change your business, change your income, and your life.

And with this strategy, you can generate your leads while you sleep, or "autopilot" which gives you more time to do other things.

This is the time freedom that had drawn most of us into this industry.

So now you can learn the strategies needed to make this a reality right here

I hope you found value in this post, and now understand what you need to do to produce the leads you need without going broke, buying leads, or cold calling.

Here's to a better future


P.S. Don't forget to register, before seats run out
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