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A Signature File That Works Is One That Inspires Its Reader To Take Action

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Posted 21st November 2010 at 07:24 PM by tpw

I probably change my signature file in the Warrior Forum more than any other member.

Does that mean that I am indecisive? Certainly not.

I wonder what my friends will do, who have mirrored their Signature Files after mine...

Every time I change my sig file, do people have aneurysms? LOL

I hope not. I am glad that I was able to inspire them to try new things with theirs.

I change my Signature File often, because my goals for my Sig File frequently changes.

Believe it or not, the Warrior Forum does offer a lot of SEO value to its users, and I am always creating new content that I want to have spidered by Google.

Therefore, I am always changing the URLs I link in my Sig File, to push Google to add value the pages I am highlighting. But if you know me well, I don't rely on Google to drive my revenue streams.

Part of my Sig File is designed to drive SEO value to my web pages, and part of my Sig File is designed to inspire people to take the actions I want them to take.

I have stepped up to the WF Blog, so that I can offer all of the links I want to present to Google here, and by extension, I will be able to focus more of my Sig File on getting people to take action on what I would like for them to do.

As a frequent poster to the Warrior Forum, I have more and more people seeing who I am as a person and as a business person.

In the end, that helps my reputation and business grow.

With over 1500 posts now, that is 1500 opportunities to be recognized for my specialized expertise.

I like changing my Sig File frequently, because people become accustomed to the standard signature file. When that little signal goes off in their minds that something is different about my Signature File, they have to read it to see what is new.

I change my Sig File often, to keep people reading it over and again.

Not only do I keep people interested in what I am promoting, I also get the opportunity to test new sales copy designed to get my links clicked.

Because at the end of the day, my goal is for people to click my links and take the actions I want them to take.

About Me:

I have been online since 1995, since before there was PayPal, Google, Amazon, ClickBank, Ezine Articles, or Warrior Forum.

In those early days, there were few tools available to help the small business person do business online.

I remember purchasing software to help me process payments-by-check and a merchant account, just so that I could run transactions for my start-up websites in the late 1990's.

There were no easy solutions for operating an online business back then, and I found it very difficult to sell products and services without easy payment systems.

PayPal was the biggest boon to my business.

I started making money in 1999, and I was working full-time online by 2001.

A flaw in my original business model became apparent in the summer of 2002, which crippled my business and sent me back to the job market for three years.

When I finally cut the lifeline to the job market in March of 2005, I set off on a journey of a lifetime. But for those who are wondering, I did not cut that lifeline, until I had 12+ months of consistent revenue, equal to or greater than my on-the-job earnings.

I have been doing article marketing since early 2000. I have always targeted a real human audience for my articles and let the SEO elements take care of themselves. Just during 2000, my articles were distributed to 2.5 million readers through an assortment of newsletters.

I started doing professional SEO in 2005, after I quit my job and found I had more time.

I have been creating products since 2008.

But I have learned more in the last year, than I had learned in the first fifteen.

If you are interested in Article Marketing...

Feel free to Download my Free Article Marketing Ebook.

If you feel up to diving more deeply into the subject of Article Marketing, consider purchasing my more advanced Article Marketing Ebook: Article Marketing Secrets: Turning Words Into Dollars.

If you want to read about the Duplicate Content Penalty Myth, click here.

If you are interested in My Most Recent Articles...

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If you need Traffic For Your Website...

Purchase my Traffic Generation Report in the Warrior Special Offers Forum... This product is getting incredible reviews, because it over-delivers and it helps reignite ones' excitement for the future of their online business.

Just during 2010, my top 3 websites have served a combined 400,000 unique visitors and 5 million unique page views, and there are two months left in the year.

If you have any doubts at all, I do understand how to drive traffic to my websites, using mostly free traffic and some paid traffic.

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Our system permits text chat, and video/audio chat.

You can get a feel for what we discuss by reviewing our Live Marketing Chat archives here on the Warrior Forum.

To Your Success....

Bill Platt
Stillwater, Oklahoma

p.s. I have a twisted sense of humor. If you want to see Myth-Making at its funniest, check out my spoof of the Duplicate Content Penalty and the funny comments to follow.
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