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Little Known Wikipedia Traffic Method

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Posted 23rd February 2009 at 08:20 AM by TrafficGuy Claude

Hey guys and gals I know that one of the biggest problems facing new internet marketers is that they simply have no idea how to get website traffic. Its really easy to setup information product websites, blogs, and things, but many many courses do not teach you how to get website traffic.

So here is a cool traffic tip that you can use to start driving traffic to your websites. Basically you are going to be leveraging the immense traffic that Wikipedia receives and bringing it to your own websites. Here's how it works:

Lets assume that my product is a guide teaching people how to save money buying used cars.

Step 1) Search Wikipedia for your topic. Find articles on Wikipedia that are related to your niche.

You want to do a little thinking here. What is your target market searching for in the search engines? Since my product is a guide about how to save money buying used cars, I can safely say that my target market is probably looking up specifications on older vehicles.

So for this first step I found a Wikipedia article about a popular model of used car, the Nissan 240SX.

Step 2) Write an article about the subject of the Wikipedia article and post that to your website.

So for this example I could write a short article about the Nissan 240SX. Best of all you can use the actual content on Wikipedia as a guide to write your own article. DON'T COPY AND PASTE THOUGH, IT WILL RUIN THIS METHOD!

Step 3) Edit the Wikipedia article's external links by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on edit:

Step 4) Edit the external links by using the syntax below:

Make sure you link to the article thats on your site, so you will not be flagged.

Step 5) Make sure on your article page on your website you either have a big blantant opt-in box or advertisement for your main product.

Step 6) Wash, rinse, and repeat for as many other keywords that are related to your niche as possible.


This works because Google is in LOVE with Wikipedia, and that site receives so much traffic its ridiculous. People do read these articles and they do click on the external links. You should be bringing them to your site and converting them on your offers!!


If there aren't any articles for your keywords, you can WRITE THEM YOURSELF and put them on Wikipedia, and link to your site as an external link! Wikipedia will ALWAYS out rank Ezine Articles, Youtube, and all of the other big name sites we marketers like to use, and you're talking about some serious traffic!

That's it. You can do one of these in 15 minutes with practice. If you devoted just two hours per day to doing this, after a month you'd be receiving thousands of unique visitors per day to your websites!


Here's a little proof for those of you on the fence...

As you can see Wikipedia has referred 526 people from the "Akuma" article that is on there website. They've also referred and additional 20 people from the "Gouki" article and 17 people from the "Shun Goku Satsu" article. Thats 526+20+17= 563 UNIQUE VISITORS from just three links on Wikipedia.

There are literally hundreds more articles I could put links on, best of all EVERY NICHE IS LIKE THIS, ITS ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!!
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    A great idea, Claude - thanks for sharing this!
    Posted 20th January 2011 at 09:41 AM by iMarketeer iMarketeer is offline

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