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Market Research And Why It is So Important

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Posted 14th November 2011 at 11:45 AM by trevor75

Are you interested in getting into affiliate marketing, but having a hard time trying to figure out what product to sell? Well that can be easily solved with some basic market research. You will want to break this down into several segments to help you tackle this. First is self diagnosis, what things are you interested in? Chances are you have interests that other people like as well. Plus, if you are promoting and selling something you like, then you will work that much harder because it is a subject you are passionate about. The next step is to do a little trend spotting, look to see what is super hot right now. I’ll show you some sites to check this stuff. The last thing is do a little offer spying, look to see what your competition is offering.

Obviously, only pay attention to the sites that are receiving a lot of traffic, and high Google page ranks. Oh I almost forgot, keyword analysis, do not forget to use Google’s keyword tool and check phrases in what ever niche you are in to see if people are really looking for something you might like to sell. By doing all of these things you will almost guarantee to make a very high lever of affiliate sales. So many of you guys just start marketing without putting any thought into this and then wonder why you are not making any money. Just because we are online does not mean we do not treat this any different then some big advertising firm in New York city.

Before a company starts a new product they do months of market research, especially the food industry. Fast food restaurants are famous for this. When ever a place like Carl’s Junior puts out one of those big $6 burgers they have gone through months of food testing and advertising with a “test audience,” then they have them rate their experience with the burger. If it rates well and the “know” ahead of time that they have got a winner then they do not mind spending millions on commercial advertising because they know they will double, or even triple their money. You need to do the same thing, only a little different. So get organized when you are ready to start a new campaign, and use these sites to do it. Make sure you gather as much info as possible, so learn market research before starting any affiliate campaign.

Basic Market Research:

1). Self Diagnosis- What are my interests? Test a career test to see what you like.
2). Trend Spotting- What is hot right now?
3). Offer Spying- Use Clickbank for this, look for sites with high gravity levels.
4). Hot Keywords- Find out what people are typing in on any particular product.
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