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How to Increase Your YouTube Video Views

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Posted 12th April 2015 at 12:54 PM by trevord92
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YouTube takes into account lots of different factors when it ranks videos and one of the important factors is the number of times the video has been viewed.

Of course, since YouTube is owned by Google, it's not quite as simple as that. So you can't just go out and buy a bunch of views from Fiverr and hope that you can fool YouTube into thinking you're more popular than you really are.

In fact, that's a good way to get your video (or even your whole account) deleted.

As with everything else Google related, YouTube are looking for a "natural" pattern.

That means the more real people you can get to watch your video, the better.

And the longer they actually watch the video, the better as well.

Make sure your title stands out

This is a basic SEO technique and applies just as much to YouTube as it does to a regular web page.

Your title needs to be relevant to your video and it needs to be compelling enough that people will want to click on it and view the video.

Take the time to craft your title well. Include relevant keywords but don't stuff them in - it's better to have a title that's readable by humans as it will be humans who are clicking through and watching your video.

Write a good description

Even though YouTube is a video site, it still helps to have a good description for your video.

This helps both YouTube and Google to better understand what your video is about.

Don't repeat what you've said in the video (save that for the caption file). Instead, expand on a few points and generally write about whatever it is that you're covering in the video itself.

Upload a nice looking thumbnail

Providing your account is in good standing and you've done whatever verification YouTube currently need (that varies, so you may need to search their not-particularly-helpful help files) then you have the option to upload a custom thumbnail for your video.

This will show up in the YouTube and Google search results so use it to good effect.

Take a look at some of your competitor videos and work out how you could do better. Remember that people don't spend long looking at the thumbnails, so first impressions count.

Add annotations and cards

Annotations are a call to action in your video.

If you've linked a website to your channel you can even make annotations clickable to take the visitor to your site. You can also take the clicks to other videos and do a few other tricks.

The only trouble is, annotations don't work for mobile viewers.

So you need to add a card as well - this is a new tab on the video editing screen and it allows you to add a link that will be seen, even by mobile viewers.

It's fairly intuitive to do this. You can't precisely control the position of the card as you can with annotations but that's a limitation of the different mobile platforms. The important thing is that you add a card.

Create a playlist

You can create playlists that only include your own videos or you can mix different people's videos in them.

YouTube users like playlists (it's a kind-of lazy way to view multiple videos) so take advantage of this.

Embed your video

YouTube supply the necessary code to allow you to embed your video elsewhere on the web - your own site, a Web 2.0 site, wherever takes your fancy.

They also take account of the number of views that are generated by embedded videos as these are an indication of the popularity of your video elsewhere on the web.

Tweet, etc.

Tweets, Facebook posts (or embeds), Google+ posts, Pinterest pins. These all help spread the word about your video and help it to get more views.

Take advantage of this!

Find out more

If you'd like to know more, take a look at my blog post about getting your videos ranked.
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