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Affiliate Marketing Tips and Tricks

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Posted 9th May 2015 at 12:24 PM by trevord92

At first glance, affiliate marketing seems easy.
  • You don't need to create a product of your own
  • You don't need to deal with customer questions and refunds
  • You don't need to set up payment buttons
  • You don't need to write a sales letter
  • Almost everything is done for you
Of course, like almost everything in life, the devil's in the detail.

The main thing that people leave out when they talk about affiliate marketing is that you still need to get people to view the offers you're promoting and then click through and take some kind of action.

At its simplest, that action can be filling out an "email submit" form for a CPA offer. But that's a numbers game - you don't get paid very much for this kind of lead, so you need to get lots of leads.

More often, affiliate marketing involves getting a customer who's paid some money for goods or services. You then get a commission once the sale has been validated and has lasted long enough that the customer is unlikely to ask for a refund or dispute the transaction on their credit card.

This is still a numbers game but the numbers are a lot nicer.

If you drill down, you can find keywords that are relatively low on competition but are "buying" keywords. Generally speaking, those keywords are where the searcher has put in the precise model number or words like review, comparison, that kind of thing.

Personally, I like comparison reviews.

I like them as a consumer - they give me information that isn't always easy to glean elsewhere.

And I like them as a marketer because I get several opportunities to sell to people on the same page.

Think about it:

Shops do this all the time.

They don't stock a "range" of one item.

They offer different options - size, colour, brand, etc.

Because we're not all the same. Different people want different things. Or the same thing but differently packages according to our needs.

An online review and comparison page offers us, as both consumers and affiliate marketers, the chance to do that.

The more natural the review, the better.

That's why Amazon encourages reviews for products.

Natural reviews are easiest to write if you've used the products concerned.

That may not be easy if you're reviewing high end electronic products or cars.

But for lower priced products and digital products it gets a lot easier.

Doing this has several advantages:
  • You get ranked for more of those elusive long tail keywords
  • Your page doesn't come across as being written by a high pressure salesman
  • The clicks you send are "warm" - people are already predisposed to click the buy button because they're read your review first
Next time you're searching for a product online, take a bit of time to find some reviews.

Not the ones on obvious sites like Amazon.

But on sites that are obviously - or not obviously - earning an affiliate commission.

Figure out what you like and what you don't like about their approach.

For instance, I like a Top 5 style approach.

Then put a few of those sites into a new folder in your bookmarks or a spreadsheet or anywhere else you can easily find them again.

And use those as your own personal swipe files when you need inspiration.

The other thing to remember is that almost everything on the web takes time.

So don't fret about how few people have seen your latest page.

Instead, do a bit of promotion for it (maybe create a video) and then move on to the next page on your site.

Because the more chances you have of being found on the web, the more you will get found.

Again, it's a numbers game.

That's why sites like Wikipedia and YouTube show up so often - they've got an order of magnitude more chances than you have!

If you'd like to find out more about affiliate marketing, click here to get my free video.
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