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Where should you post your content?

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Posted 31st August 2015 at 12:42 PM by trevord92

Warning: this is as close a I get to a rant!

A few years ago, one of the regular suggestions as to where you should post your content was article directories.

They were the "go to" place that you put new content because you got almost instant traffic.

But over the years, the rules of these sites have got tighter.

Yesterday, I posted an article to one of the biggest article directories online. I've used them for years but hadn't posted a new article there for sometime.

It got rejected.

Not because the article is rubbish (at least, I don't think it is, you can read it here) or because it didn't meet their standards.


It got rejected because the resource box didn't meet their criteria.

The link in the resource box was to a squeeze page.

To my mind, that's fair.

The article directory gets free content that they can splatter with adverts and monetise.

In return, I get a link back to somewhere of my choosing.

But that's not a good enough exchange apparently.

They want what's effectively editorial control over the link as well.

So not only do I have to write 400 or 500 words of quality article.

But the page I want my resource box to go to has to add value as well. More value than a free video in exchange for an email address.

Forget the fact that the resource box led to a free video, albeit with the requirement of an email address (real or fake, I don't know when someone types it in) before the video is watchable.

OK, I know that Google has quality scores for the pages that advertisers can link to.

So I guess that other sites can implement the same kind of policy.

But it still bugs me that I'm expected to be tested before I can give free content that another site can monetise.

Still, in my view, that's the article directory's loss.

Sure, I could have amended the squeeze page to meet their requirements. But then my conversion rate would almost certainly have gone down.

Instead, I chose to copy the article and use it on my site.

So Google can rank it as they choose.

And the article directory doesn't get a cut of any revenue.

So if you're thinking of adding your articles anywhere, I'd say forget article directories. Especially ones with over zealous requirements.

Put the content on your own site.

Or find somewhere to guest post it - there are plenty of sites who will happily take a guest post free and they probably rank higher in Google than the average article directory anyway.

The moral of this is test - just like I did -and adjust accordingly!
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