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Overcoming Fear In Internet Marketing

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Posted 2nd September 2015 at 01:19 PM by trevord92

OK, you might not call it fear but that's quite often what it is.

There are so many different parts involved in internet marketing that it's perfectly normal to be worried about at least some of them.

The usual fear is "have I done it right".

To which the answer is usually "maybe".

Things change so fast that even if you've done everything right today, there's by no means a 100% chance that they'll still be right tomorrow.

Years ago, swapping links with other webmasters (reciprocal links) was common and worked quite well.

Then the programmers got involved and started automating the process. There were online programs out there which could swap reciprocal links for you as often as you wanted once you'd set the criteria up.

So Google downplayed those links.

Now it's generally thought that reciprocal links are gaining strength again because they're more difficult to get. Most webmasters ignore the requests so it's come full circle.

So if you'd asked if you'd done reciprocal links "right" in order to get traffic, the answer would be "it depends".

And that applies to so much in the internet marketing world.

Should you create content?


But make it the right content in the right places.

Should you do videos?


But make them informative and not too gimmicky and don't strive for perfection.

The list goes on.

If you're scared, that's normal.

The trick is to do what the self help gurus preach and that's to feel the fear and do it anyway.

If you're scared about damaging your main income site, splash out $10 on another domain and test on that. But be prepared for a long wait as Google downplays most new sites for a good length of time. Often a year or more.

And if something sounds dubious or spammy, just don't even think about it.

But don't let the fear stop you from doing anything.

That's just plain stupid - sorry to be the one who tells you that.

The other thing with fear - whether it's in internet marketing or elsewhere - is that it is actually scared as well.

Chip away at the edges - the stuff you don't care about one way or the other - and it will gradually subside.

Look back at some of the things you've done that you were afraid of but you're now happy doing. If you can remember how you got from the old point to the new one, apply that to your internet marketing. If you can't, make up a possible solution and follow it.

But start!

I really can't emphasise that enough.

Because if you don't start you'll never know.

And that's worse than starting and failing. Because something potentially didn't happen.

If you'd like to know more, check out this post on my own website.
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