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Why You Need Patience in Internet Marketing

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Posted 4th September 2015 at 02:31 AM by trevord92

Unless you pay for adverts - and even then you need time to test those adverts - internet marketing doesn't happen fast any more.

Long gone are the days of the Infoseek search engine when you could see the results of any changes you'd made in a web page within minutes.

Now, Google may well crawl your page quite fast - although even that depends on a lot of factors - but then the waiting game starts.

Google's computer alogorithm is trained to do a lot of different things.

One of those is to figure out whether something is a short lived piece of current news - a sports game result, most of the things that hit the headlines on a daily basis and vanish within a very short space of time - or something that is likely to be around for a longer time.

It deals with current news differently because it has to. There would be no point in taking weeks or months to figure out where to place a page in the results if almost all the searches were happening today and maybe as late as tomorrow.

That means part of the algorithm gives weight to freshness - how recently a page has been created - and it also means that pages can often flicker into the search results for a day or so, giving you false hopes that you've finally cracked page one.

Then - unless a large number of factors say otherwise - your page goes off into a seemingly bottomless pit to be properly analysed.

That analysis takes account of all sorts of different things that make up the 200+ factors that are thought to be part of Google's algorithm.

Your new page won't queue jump.

It will take its place in the queue and will be analysed as and when Google's computers get a chance.

Then it will be placed in the main databases that are spread around the globe and will take its chances along with the thousands of other similar pages.


Even if you've created a page on some relatively obscure topic there's a high chance that there are thousands of similar pages, most of which could show up in the top 10 results (almost no-one clicks on to page 2 of the results) and searchers would be happy enough to see them or would take the hint from the suggestions at the end of the first page of results that they ought to try a different search.

Google then takes note of the number of times your content is clicked on, how long people stay on your page if they bounce back to the search results, possibly where they go next (that depends on whether the person who clicked is logged in to Google or using Chrome or a different browser) and a number of other factors.

They they wait until they've got enough of that data for it to be meaningful and adjust where you appear in the search results.

Then the process starts over again.

It's about as exciting as watching paint dry.

And it takes a long time for all that processing to happen because it's often waiting for someone to find you in the search results and click on your link.

Which is why you need patience in internet marketing.

Despite all those claims of page one overnight (and you know now they're usually just because the page is new and that if you check them a day or two later they won't still be there).

If you're capable of creating masses of top quality content on a daily basis then you could maybe survive on just those few seconds of fame for each page.

But it's an uphill struggle.

Far better to keep creating good content but not at a thousand miles an hour. And waiting for it to gradually crawl up the search results.

And while you're waiting, rather than sitting there wondering why nothing has happened, create another piece of content.

Eventually - where the timescale is usually measured in months - the magic will start to work and you'll begin to get a trickle of traffic.

Lots of trickles add up and your patience will be rewarded.

But only if you have the patience to stick with it even when it appears as though nothing is happening.

One way I like to use this wait-and-see process is with promoting affiliate products.

Get the right "angle" and you can appear for all sorts of results that even the product owner has forgotten about.

Watch this free video to find out more.
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    Pradeep Bhagwat's Avatar

    It is really cool advice to everyone. Patience is the key to become successful in any business. In internet marketing It is much needed quality. In internet marketing there is information overload and that is why newbies try too many courses, too many things. Because of that they fail in most of the strategies. That is why patience in needed to focus on one strategies.

    - Pradeep
    Posted 4th September 2015 at 01:17 PM by Pradeep Bhagwat Pradeep Bhagwat is offline

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