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How to make your words sell without being pushy

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Posted 4th October 2015 at 09:12 AM by trevord92

Our minds are weird.

Most of what happens in them does so without any intervention from us:
  • Our hearts beat regularly
  • Our hair and nails grow
  • Cells get replaced
All without us having to remember to do that.

But that means our minds have to take shortcuts.

Otherwise we'd be overwhelmed.

One of the shortcuts is ignoring negative words.

They just get blanked out because they'd need lots of extra processing.

It's only our conscious, thinking, mind that deals with negatives.

And then only with extra work.

So if I ask you not to think of an elephant wearing striped boots and tap dancing, the first thing that has to happen is you create that image.

Then you delete it!

The same happens with words on your web page.

Almost all the time, our mind discounts negative words or ignores them completely.

So when someone asks you in polite conversation how you are and you reply "not bad" you're actually saying "bad".

And when you say on a web page something like "you wouldn't want to do that" (whatever "that" is) most readers are actually processing the sentence as "you want to do that".

Nice one!

That particular example kills two birds with one stone:
  • It disarms our inbuilt anti-sales pitch mode
  • It tells your reader what to do
You're telling them they want to do whatever it was you said.


And without the high pressure salesman technique, which is a bonus.

There are lots of ways we can incorporate that kind of thinking into our web pages.

Put your thinking cap on overnight - review this information just before you go to sleep so you can program your mind to come up with ideas.

Although it may be a good idea to have a notebook somewhere handy in case you wake up in the middle of the night with a light bulb moment you have to jot down.

That last paragraph is an example of an embedded command.

Earlier, I've told you to review this before you go to sleep.

Then I've given your mind the idea that it will wake up in the middle of the night with some kind of Eureka moment.

Will it happen every time?

Probably not.

Will it happen occasionally?

Almost certainly.

Because our subconscious mind works that way.

It takes hints and acts on them.

Without any further intervention from us.

And you can use that information to our advantage on our web pages.

Subtly programming our readers' minds without them knowing why.

In older times it would have been called brain-washing.

Nowadays, it's all part of doing business!

If you'd like to find out more, click the link here:

How to Write Web Page Copy That Sells Without Bugging Your Visitors
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