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Internet Marketing through the eyes of 14 year veteran Troy_Phillips. Warning: Unconventional Wisdom Ahead!
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Free Website Traffic Options

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Posted 15th November 2012 at 05:36 PM by Troy_Phillips

When one mentions website traffic many just automatically get visions of Google floating around in their head.

Love em .. hate em .. whatever! Google is a great source of mass traffic but is usually not the one and all for targeted traffic. Even if you get the keywords perfect and the traffic is targeted, there is no guarantee that Google will still love and respect you come daylight.

Most marketers will agree to the fact your website traffic really needs a good dose of diversification.

Seems like that fact always gravitates to other choices that really just play into the third party scheme of things. Think about it. Are you really any better off counting on You Tube? Besides now being owned by Google, they too are getting better and better at banning with no explanation offered.

Same goes for most, if not all other third party sites. If it belongs to someone else .. you may not be their cup of tea next week.

With that fact in hand, it is evident, at least to me, that we will all need to depend on some type of third party site from time to time. Those that are smart will be depending on a lot of them at any given moment.

This way if Google changes their tune ... the Warrior Forum or (insert your own favorite alternative here) just might be your saving grace.

Nothing wrong with taking advantage of what Google has to offer. Just don't depend on them entirely. You do not need to go overboard optimizing for Google if they are not your only game. When they are not your only game you just might find they like you a lot better.

Have you noticed most marketers are all fishing in the same pond?

Ask for alternative traffic sources and the majority of the time you can compile a list of 25 or so sites rather quickly by just copy and pasting from the answering post. After those 25 there start to be a lot of duplicates. This could mean 250,000 or so Warriors are fishing the same hole in any given time frame. You should be able to cobble the math pretty effectively from there.

Use your imagination.

Where do the people you have targeted actually hang out? Are they all online? I doubt it .. don't you? Think of some places your demographics tell you they would be off line. Advertise there.

What about sites online that are not exactly keyword relevant?

If your target likes apple pie .. you think they might also like vanilla ice cream? If they ride a Harley would they also need a helmet? What about chaps. If they are as graceful as me .. Ace Bandages?

By utilizing as many free third party sites as possible and also thinking outside the box .. website traffic could quickly become a go to asset instead of a trip to the medicine cabinet for Tums and aspirin.
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