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Get the Best Bonus for Jeff Johnson's Traffic Voodoo

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Posted 29th March 2010 at 12:57 AM by TroyNotes
Updated 29th March 2010 at 01:26 AM by TroyNotes (giving it a smaller image and updating with video link.)

Hey Guys, I'm Troy Gardner (of TroyNotes)

In this blog I'm going to show you why my Bonus for Traffic Voodoo rocks.

Watch the Video version of this here

Start with zero out of date PLR junk. It complements perfectly with what Jeff is offering in his new Traffic Voodoo program as it was created specifically for it.

Traffic Voodoo launches Monday the 29th. I feel this will really help augment your training, and I'll have my team willl take some load off your shoulders, and do the work do it for you just like the do for me, in the steps Jeff recommends.

What is Traffic Voodoo?

If you don't know what Traffic Voodoo is. It's Jeff Johnson's first product in 2 years, updated for 2010. Part of it is a look over the shoulder training, part is live ask anything webinars, part is a list of guest instructors all experts in their areas. Since it's created for this product and all all this year, no worries about this data being stale, in fact you'll be getting access to programs that haven't even launched yet. In addition if you get in early Jeff is also throwing in access to his Underground Training Labs, which has been closed since November and costs $2K to get in.

If you need to find out more about Traffic Voodoo, check out the 3rd video below, it will tell you everything you need to know about the Traffic Voodoo program.

But this video is my special Traffic Voodoo Bonus! If you BUY Traffic Voodoo with my affiliate link, you get this bonus package but only if you get it through my affiliate link.

Who is this Jeff Johnson guy?

Just incase you don't know Jeff Johnson, He's one of the smartest IM marketers I know, and unlike those poser guru's. Jeff makes millions selling real products to real people as well as millions selling others peoples products and then millions of selling his own products. If you follow the Internet Marketing launches, he's well known for his domination of Affiliate contests. In all of these, he relies largely on free sources of traffic which is exactly what he is teaching in his new Traffic Voodoo program, he's even using real world case studies he creates right before your eyes, nothing hidden, in competitive niches outside the internet marketing realm.

With PPC costs rising all the time, eating into profits. You need to have a variety of sources of traffic, and how to get it cheaply AND so it converts into leads or money. Jeff is one of the best to learn from. He's a genius when it comes to Traffic and strategy, and gurus like Frank Kern rely on him when it comes to SEO.

He's well connected and well respected in the internet marketing guru community, which is why he has gotten so many guess instructors many whom have 7 figure businesses sharing what they do with custom content created just for the Traffic Voodoo, in some ways this is like having 10 courses in one.

At this point there is quite a bit of solid pre-launch content out there on here's a summary of what was covered if you haven't seen it. Note these are my affiliate links.

  1. Traffic Launcher Formula Cheat Sheet
    In the first video Jeff show how generated 125K in 5 days using a 3 blog network.

  2. Instant Affiliate Traffic
    Jeff gives away how he gets gets massive affiliate support in his products and how to get them to mail.
  3. Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peek Membership
    In this 3rd video he gives a sneak peak at what's inside the 4 week coaching program, as well as some surprise bonuses.

If you haven't seen those, I highly recommend the first two even if your not interested in buying the program. Great solid content you normally have to pay for.

I actually know Jeff

here's a picture of me and Jeff, both looking rather sleep for entirely different reasons. This was in February when I flew out to see him get awarded at 25K top affiliate commission. I was sleep as flying from LA and normally waking up at 1am, to Chicago the event started when I normally go to sleep. Jeff is probably blissed out from the $25K check, but really that was small compared to the $125K he earned in the contest. Given that I offered to accept the check for him if it was too much of a hassle but he said he could handle it...

I've been a part of his $500/mo private training, and private underground training labs for over half a year. I've been to 2 live story and beer sessions...I mean mastermind sessions. He's is one of the brightest people I know.

But Jeff has problems...

which is why I'm creating this special bonus for you.

One of Jeff's problems is he tends to talk fast and cover a lot of ground quickly, sometimes jumping around. This can make it hard to follow especially if your new to internet marketing.

Second problem is it's rare that he includes pictures or schematics for what he's doing which, as an engineer I find really useful both for myself and my team to actually build things.

My part of my goal. Is to augment the training however I can to help you truly get it, Help hit the ground running with Traffic voodoo.

I help fix them in my best Bonus for Traffic Voodoo.

  1. My guys will build for you a special 2 blog network for you to support your money site.
    This is exactly what Jeff tells you how to do, in the first video, but it's quite daunting if you're not used to it or are just too busy.
    5 researched articles on each of the feeder sites.
    We'll do it on your domains, or free hosting sites your choice, we build it, it's yours to keep.
  2. We will add email capture to those blogs to hookup with your email list provider, so you can start building lists.
    List building is just as important as the traffic, regardless of how Google changes the rules or jacks up PPC prices you'll have that list if you're good to it.
    this can be a source of some of your best sales, and deals.
  3. My guys will install the same Ad Serving Software that Jeff uses.
    Use it to split test offers from Adsense, Amazon, you're own, headlines, etc.
    Again hosted on your domain, we install it, you keep it.
  4. The TroyNotes Quickie on Link Networks
    This will cover Linkwheels, Mini-Nets, Linking topologies. Advanced stuff, made easy.
    Show you where I get my link networks built for me.
  5. The TroyNotes on Autoblogs
    Autoblogs are an advanced feature used by many gurus to autopilot their business.
    If you're not familiar with them they can be eye opening.
  6. Traffic Voodoo Mentoring
    I'll be going through the program with you.
    I'll be updating the detailed checklists, diagrams and schematics I give to my team. Only you will get access to these.
  7. Direct Mentoring
    I'll create a special private forum where purchasers can ask questions Jeff may not have time to cover in the webinar, and I and my team will answer them for you.
    I regularly charge $200/hr for my consulting time. You get this for free when you get Traffic Voodoo through my affiliate link.

We do it for you Fast Action Bonuses!!!

  1. Inbound Link Campaign
    For first 25 people who get Traffic Voodoo through my affiliate link.
    We'll run one inbound link campaign to that entire Victory blog network we create for you.
    So none of your sites will be wallflowers in the eyes of Google.
    Done by a trained team who do this for a living.
  2. Traffic Geyser Pro Video Distribution
    The first 10 people who get Traffic Voodoo through my affiliate link.
    We'll run 1 video of your creation through Traffic Geyser getting it massive backlinks.
    This gets way more exposure than the entry level TubeMogul account.
    And you don't have to setup profiles on the sites.
  3. Pro Video Creation.
    for the first 5 people who get Traffic Voodoo through my affiliate link.
    We'll create a pro-quality 3 minute video for you, for us to virally distribute via Traffic Geyser.

But to secure bonuses you must get Traffic Voodoo through my affiliate link
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