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The Reason why Pay for Results SEO Work Best

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Posted 13th April 2012 at 05:51 AM by tryinghard

When we search online for seo services, it is not surprising to see a lot of promises claimed by seo consultants and companies. Of all the companies that do, only a few are able to deliver results as promised. That is why it is such good news for businesses to know pay for results seo offers a much better option compared to false promises.

Pay for results seo is practically easy to grasp. You only pay when you see the results. Thus, there is higher credibility to this kind of service being offered compared to paid ones. Furthermore, there are even seo consultants that do not ask for any payment if you are not satisfied with the job. Sounds too good to be true but it does exist. People behind this business really work hard to deliver what is agreed upon. If they don’t, they never get paid, so the burden actually lies on them and not on the clients.

But pay for results seo is not free from risks involved for there are clients who do not pay at all even if results are delivered. That is why some seo consultants and companies ask for affront payment before doing the job to measure the client’s interest in the service. But there are seo companies and consultants that will take one charge payment only after there is positive result.

But what results do they offer? There are quite a few results being offered by different seo companies and consultants. But for the sake of simplicity in analysis, the options can be classified into three categories.

1. First option is the pay per ranking category. It depends on the client’s choice whether he or she wants the keyword to rank as number one, top five or top ten on Google ranking. Charging fee is usually presented on the company’s website to more or less give you an idea of how much it would cost. But other seo specialists choose not to divulge the charging fee unless they have made an analysis of the site and the keywords involve. Some keywords do provide tough competitions.

2. The second option is the pay per revenue. Seo specialist will only charge its client if there is an increase in sales or profits. But it can be demanding for the seo specialist because it needs to constantly record the financial data of the client. If the seo specialist has a great tracking mechanism, then it should not pose any problem.

3. Finally, the third option is the pay per traffic scheme. The client will only pay the seo specialist based on the traffic generated. But when you choose this option, there is always the risk of junk traffics. So it pays to negotiate with the seo specialist concerning this matter.

If you are the kind who wants guaranteed results, then pay for results seo might work bests for you. No results, nothing to lose. It is practically better than paid ones.

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