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Do You Make These Two Common Mistakes On Your Headlines?

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Posted 5th December 2012 at 08:02 PM by TSchrant

What Is A Headline-

In order for us to find out what common mistakes we are making when writing headlines we must fully understand what exactly a headline is. Headlines are phrases that are put above an article to give the reader an outline on the material he or she is about to read.

What Are Headlines For-

It is in my experience that any article that is used to sell or persuade usually is a success or failure right from the start. It is a lot like meeting someone for the first time: What he or she wears, how their hair is groomed, and their over all hygiene will determine what you think of that person. The headline is your first chance to make an impression of the article. The Main Goal of a headline is to use keywords to grab a person and keep them wanting more. You want them to fall in love with your article at the headline.

Mistake 1 NO Creativity-

When writing a headline you have to understand one thing CREATIVITY. Without creativity your heading will not attract a reader. When someone is reading it is usually to gain knowledge or to learn a talent that they didn’t know before. So if you are writing an article on “Selling Cars” and your title is “Do you know how to sell cars?” If the person reading is a car salesman the answer is OF COURSE. There is no reason for them to continue reading your ad. However if your titles is “No Objection Can Stop You Now” then the reader is going to read that article until they can find out why there is no objection out there that will stop you from selling a car.

Mistake 2 Unknown Audience-

There is not a single writer on this planet that can market an ad to someone without knowing who they are marketing to. It’s like asking someone that owns house cats to write a book informing zookeepers how to maintain and care for lions. It doesn’t work like that, if you don’t know your audience you can't dig down deep enough to come up with a headline that will attract that specific audience to your ad. Each audience has specific keywords that identify that person to that audience, if you can pin point those words and use them in your heading you will build common ground with that reader. For example if you're writing to a car salesman you can use keywords like “UPs” meaning a person has pulled onto the lot so that the reader can identify that you know something about car sales. Your header may sound something like this: “Turning Ups Into Sales With No Objections”. Now the reader understands you know what your talking about and they want to know what you know so that they can sell more cars.

With the full understanding of what a heading is, what a heading is used for, creativity, and knowing your audience, there is no heading that will not grab your audience and keep them wanting more!

It will mean alot if you can give me some feedback on what this article means to you and how you would use it to improve profits.
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