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Make Money and Establish Good Solid JV Relationships With JVNotifyPro!

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Posted 12th February 2017 at 01:54 PM by tyronne78
Updated 25th February 2017 at 09:09 PM by tyronne78

Whether you want to admit this or not,nearly every successful internet marketing "guru" has relied on Joint Venture (JV) relationships to grow their


Because Joint Ventures flat out work!

Great thing is you don't have to be one of these so called "gurus" to build successful JV relationships. You just need to know where to find them and how to become a more attractive JV partner...

Over 5+ years,JVNotify Pro has been THE place to attract potential JV Partners,build new JV relationships and find out about the internet's most popular affiliate launches

In this quick video I'd like to show you how you can cash in on affiliate launches using JV Notify Pro.

Check out my simple product launch formula right here:

-Try to rollout 3-4 product launches per year

-The internet marketing niche is the best market in my opinion because its a market full of hungry buyers! Its a market full of people who LOVE to buy information-based products and tools

Say you want to launch a traffic product. There are tons of different products you could create centered around the topic of traffic.

Here are a few traffic generation strategies that people buy courses on:

-Article Marketing

-Forum Marketing

-Pay Per Click Marketing

-YouTube Marketing

-Banner Ad Marketing

-Solo Ad Marketing

-Social Media Marketing

-Search Engine Marketing

Say we want to create an Article Marketing Product.

What we want to do is create a variety of article marketing products so we can maximize the lifetime customer value (LCV) of the prospect.

Not only that,we would able to give them a deep understanding of the subject matter

A simple $97 e-book might not do the subject justice!

Our 1st product could be an e-book for $97. This would be our frontend (FE) product

Our 2nd product could be a higher ticket product ($197 or so).

We could create a course in video format (a video bootcamp for example) because video-based products have a higher perceived value and its easy to teach someone something using step-by-step videos

Our 3rd product might be some sort of membership site they could join so we could generate some recurring revenue!

This kind of income is commonly referred to as continuity income and its the best kind of income you can generate!

And last but not least some sort of coaching program on the backend! This is where the REAL MONEY is made in affiliate marketing

All of your gurus making money hand over fist with coaching programs

People love to buy into coaching programs because they like the one-on-one aspect of it,you can offer 1 hour coaching sessions over Skype and charge $97-$197 one time

Or if you have some experience coaching people you can offer high-end coaching programs ($500-$1000) that last months and months

Group coaching is another great way since you an leverage your efforts and coach a lot of people at one time!

Lets do a breakdown of our launch funnel so you can see the math and see how lucrative this can be with just with 1 customer

ebook $47

Video Course $197

Membership Backend $37/mo

Skype Calls $97 $197 per 1 hour call (say we do 5 calls)

Coaching Program $500-$1,000 (say 1 call)

Lets do the math:

($47 + $197 + $37 + $485 + $500)

You could potentially make $1,281 off of 1 customer

So for example,if you make 100 sales youre looking at $128,100!

There are super affiliates out there that can do this just emailing to their list

Just imagine if you had hundreds of affiliates behind this launch,can you say cha ching!
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