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2017 is the GIF year, are you using them yet?

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Posted 25th April 2017 at 07:44 AM by tyronne78

Hey there,

You may be wondering, what is it about GIFs?

We’ve all seen them – on social media, news sites, blogs, product ads, or emails we receive.

They are everywhere! And though GIFs aren’t new, the level of engagement they provide for almost any platform and purpose is now higher than ever.

Basically, GIFs have been around us for almost three decades now, it used to be for geeks in subreddits…

But for the past couple of years it’s been an increasingly popular format which is now mainstream, used by the biggest fashion brands, getting
gazillions of views and now omnipresent on mobile too.

And from small to medium scale businesses are now taking advantage of it to reach their target audience.

Here is how to join the GIF revolution


GIFs are like memes, a witty piece of content which favours visual or image-based communication.

This makes it a powerful tool to speedily pass on information or express a point without having to go through a series of gray texts or a long video.

GIFs speak the internet language in terms of speed, entertainment, and functionality.

They are easy to consume, they are appealing and they are effective.

No doubt, the big social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit,Tumbler and more, have made it easy and simple to share GIFs across their platforms.

Here is how to deploy GIFs in your marketing starting today:


Tyronne Ratcliff
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