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Street food in Cambodia

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Posted 6th September 2017 at 08:35 PM by Vacation Rental Siem Reap

Deep Fried Bread and Shrimp Cakes

At the resident markets in Siem Reap, we were hit by the profusion of fried bread and shrimp cakes. You see sellers at numerous stands bending over the hot flames to yield golden, crunchy French bread topped with lovely fried shrimp.

Grilled Worms and Crickets

Worms and crickets are possibly two of the most common germs you will discover in Cambodia, in addition to red ants tree. Yes, you will also discover comestible spiders and scorpions though we found these multi-legged arachnids to be more common amongst tourist than with locals.
And to be truthful, worms and crickets are far more tempting, in our outlook, to taste than spiders and scorpions.

Squid Skewers

Street food BBQ is fairly common and general. At dusk, sellers pop up around markets and on full streets, grilling numerous dishes for dinner time.
For seafood BBQ, go for the grilled squid. Helped with chili sauce, they are as pleasant as they are inspiring in size!


Known as the most stinky and disgusting street food in Cambodia, Balut refers to the inseminated kernel of a duck. This snack can be found in bordering Southeast Asian nations like the Philippines and Vietnam, but the one in Cambodia is kept simple: instead of being covered with a wide collection of basils and condiments, only a little garnish is served together with the duck egg. It is an all-time preferred of resident Cambodians as it is healthy and rich in protein.

Grilled pork on skewers

Drawn by the mouth-watering smells of this snack, travelers can effortlessly spot portable carts with grilled pork on skewers everywhere in Phnom Penh. Typically there are two types of skewers, one served with pickle salad with loads of veggies together with rice, and another loaded with basils and condiments. The former is a protuberant breakfast that gives locals a boost of energy for the day, while the latter is a common on-the-go snack. Try both for a whole experience of a Cambodian BBQ.

Grilled frog

The awareness of consuming frogs can be a little uneasy for travelers to grip at first, but everyone will familiarize to it after staying in Phnom Penh for a few days! Also beef, and beef, occasionally people are able to understand the full frog on the skewers of barbecue carts in the capital, which is really a renowned street food in Cambodia. The flavor of frogs is said to be scandalous and tender, similar to that of chicken — of course!

Sweet Pork Sausages

Pork is fairly common in making sweet Khmer sausages known as kwah ko On street carts around homegrown markets, you will find sellers with dissimilar types of pork sausages hanging off their carts.

The sausages are sold either as skewers or as small sausage balls. After seeing how common the sausages were with locals, we bought one sausage to try. The red color and the taste surprised us. The sausages are actually sweet and fairly fatty. We learned that the sausages are made with palm sugar and composed of half pork and half fat.

We weren’t fan of the sweet flavor of these sausages, nevertheless, locals seemed to like them with a cold glass of beer.
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