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Buyer's Guide to Purchasing Links from Private Blog Networks.

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Posted 22nd July 2014 at 09:51 PM by vedremo

In 2014, private blog networks are one of the best backlink strategies for achieving higher search engine rankings quickly. While immense benefits can follow from buying links from private blog networks, buyers should look out for the warning signs of a bad network when purchasing links from private blog networks.

Many sellers, particularly new sellers, often overlook or aren't aware of the safety measures that can help ensure the longevity of their network. Without these safety measures, sellers are endangering their network, which can lead to their clients being de-indexed as a result of the provider's network.

Sometimes it can be hard to see through the graphics and read between the lines of sales copy. To try and help with this, I've created a list of basic questions that can help you to choose the best private blog network for your needs:

[b]1. How many CMS platforms is the network built on?
Most sellers will build their networks on 1 CMS only - Wordpress. And claim it is safe because they use different themes. This is very naive. A natural backlink profile has links from multiple platforms, not just Wordpress. Even though you are buying backlinks, your aim should be to replicate a natural backlink profile, which contains links from multiple CMS platforms. An influx of links from only 1 platform is dangerous and buyers should be aware of this.

[b]2. Do they use spun content?
Using spun content is a shortcut that sellers take to minimise their costs.

Spun content worked in 2009. In 2014, using spun content is more likely to de-index your site than help your rankings.

When purchasing backlinks, make sure you're getting 100% handwritten content. Look out for words like 'unique' as this usually means that the content is spun to a certain level of uniqueness.

Aim for at 250+ words of handwritten content.

The worst I've ever seen for sale? 150 words of spun content advertised as risk-free.

[b]3. Do they send samples?
Initially you might think it's good if sellers send samples, but it's actually just the opposite for private blog networks.

Samples are for hair conditioners and dog treats, not for private blog networks. Do you want everyone who asks for a sample to find out that you buy backlinks from a private blog network?

Such recklessness can spell disaster if a person with unscrupulous motives were to get a hold of real sites from the network.

[b]4. How much experience does the seller have running a private blog network?
Experience is paramount when purchasing from a private blog network. Does the seller know how to avoid detection? What precautions are being taken behind the scenes to ensure the safety of the links?

Many sellers claim safety, but without experience to back it up, the claim is unfortunately baseless.

Some sellers claim to offer links from their own personal sites, which could be true, but does this mean that their sites are suitable for commercial purposes? Are they aware of the risks involved and of the harm a poorly managed network could do to a business?

Sometimes new sellers have been inspired by an eBook and believe that this means they are equipped to manage a private blog network safely.

The reality is that without real world experience, these sellers are unlikely to know how to build a blog network that will stand the test of time. In addition, how could a new seller know that their network is future proof if their network has only existed for a few weeks or months?

Experience is one of the key things buyers should be looking for when purchasing links from private blog networks. Those without experience should be handled with extreme caution; buyers stand to lose the site if the safety isn't there.

[b]5. Do they have proof the service works?
Rank improvement graphs are good as are are reviews.

Do they show some results from the network? Do these have watermarks on them?

What are people saying about the service? Do the reviews match the rank improvement graphs? Or do they not post rank improvement graphs?

Look out for incentivised reviews, a classic sign being the same comment repeated across multiple users.

[b]6. Is the service really future-proof?
It's a bold statement to make, especially for someone without experience selling links from private blog networks in a public domain.

[b]7. Do buyers get a guarantee?
Guaranteed services offer you protection. It means that the seller is invested in your site and the results you receive.

This is outstanding value and risk that the seller is willing to take on. The reality is that many private blog networks can easily and quickly harm your site if proper safety measures aren't in place.

Guarantees tell you the seller's confidence in the network. Why wouldn't a seller offer guaranteed results? Because they're not confident that the buyer would see results from the service.

[b]8. Has the seller copied someone else's sales copy?
If the sales copy in whole or part is copied, then this can speak volumes of the seller's ethics, or lack thereof.

[b]9. Are they using automated tools?[/b]

Sometimes you'll notice 100's or 1000's of automated backlinks are being offered as part of the private blog network service.

Be aware that this is more likely to harm your site than do it any good. While initially this may seem like you're getting something for nothing, automated blasts like this are incredibly dangerous.

Does a real authority site get 100's or 1000's of auto-generated backlinks every time a post is made? This is clearly unnatural and means that the sites where your backlinks are coming from are extremely likely to be found and de-indexed, potentially taking your site with it.

If the service wasn't risky before, blasting 100's or 1000's of auto-generated backlinks means the service is high-risk and to be avoided.

[b]10. Cheaper services.
Everyone loves a bargain, me included. But is it a good value if the brakes fail on the way home from the car dealership?

Be cautious of cheaper services as they are usually cheaper for good reason. Affordable is not something you should be looking for if you desire risk-free results. What shortcuts do they take to make it so cheap? It's usually due to a very basic network designed to appeal to thrill seekers.

Remember, safe links that give you great results is your aim.

Check the guidelines above, make sure you're getting high quality links that are 100% risk-free. Safety is always the primary concern.

[B]One service that ticks all these boxes.[/B]

If you are wanting a private blog network that ticks all these boxes, you might absolutely enjoy the benefits the [URL=""]Marvel Authority Network[/URL] offers to marketers. Marvel is my own service that was created to be the most secure and most powerful private blog network on the forum. We've worked with 100's of clients and witnessed 1000's of significant rank improvements. Plus we offer 100% guaranteed results.

[B]Purchasing Private Blog Network Links: Summary
These are some of the things to look out for when purchasing backlinks from private blog networks. While it's easy to be enticed by graphics and extravagant claims, let's not forget that safety and experience are the most important features if you intend to keep the site long term.
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