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8 Internet Marketers Worth A Damn

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Posted 29th January 2013 at 02:20 AM by VegasVince

Having been involved in the Professional Wrestling industry for many years, I’ve had the pleasure of booking legends like George “The Animal” Steele, Larry Zbyszko, Kamala The Ugandan Giant, Sherri Martel, Dusty Rhodes, Abdullah the Butcher, and countless other legendary Mat stars.
One thing you learn quickly in the rasslin’ business is

In order for the show to work, you have to have a heel and a babyface. For those in the dark, a heel is industry jargon for the “bad guy” and the babyface is of course “the good guy the fans love to cheer.”
Long before I actually got into the wrestling industry

I always loved “the bad guys”. The louder they got booed the more I loved them and I actually had disgust for those ass kissing “good guys” who kissed babies and generally were real assholes once the camera were off.
Flash forward several years

And I can sniff out genuinely good marketers from the pompous asses who should take up a career in the WWE.So at the expense of pissing off a bunch of people … as if I give a shit ….. here’s a short list of those Vinny likes and those he don’t which will be part two…coming soon.

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