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Why I am Quitting Internet Marketing Next Week.

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Posted 10th October 2013 at 01:02 AM by VegasVince

The truth is, Barter Arbitrage 2.0 will be the LAST product I ever release.

Why? Because I no longer choose to participate in an internet marketing industry filled with affiliate programs that buy and pay for their testimonials from people who have vested financial interest in said product…but usually were given a “review copy” and never actually “use the product.”

In a word: BULLS%IT!

We’ve shocked the world with our little mini launch selling over 200 copies of the best damn course ever done in regards to exploiting the trillion dollar barter and trade industry in 48 hours-- minus any wings, strings, or camera tricks.

I didn’t use a single affiliate. I didn’t “buy and sell” testimonials. My facebook page is filled with dozens of people who flat out have spoken with their wallets…and they now realize what suckers they’ve been. It take a great product to open your eyes. I did. Eye balls are popping out all over cyber space...........
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