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Downline Builder Software | Is automation the answer?

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Posted 13th November 2011 at 01:41 AM by visimedia

Build an online network marketing team will need repetitive tasks especially in promotion part. For lots of people they will find it so boring tasks, and the idea to automate those tasks comes up.

A downline builder software needs to work along with the need of a network marketer, and mostly it will take the "traffic" problem to be solved.

Now, there are tons of ways to drive traffic, like video marketing, article marketing, web 2.0 properties, etc. This variety usually will lead to confusion and not focus to any network marketers. How to fix this? Easy, find something that match up your style, your pocket, and your need.

Well, the software variation can be like the following:
  1. youtube marketing software to upload tons of video at the same time. In this case you have to be able to create tons of video, internet connection is also required to be fast enough to mass upload it. If you're not a fan of video marketing creation, then please don't buy a youtube marketing software.
  2. Facebook/ Twitter marketing software, to get instant targeted traffic. The concept of those kind of software is to target the right traffic/ audience from Facebook/ Twitter. It's good, but if you don't have enough time to play with them, or you don't want your PC to be turned on all day long, then this is not for you.
  3. SEO software like SEnuke, etc. Those kind of software are sold tons of copies, well they're well sold. But the idea is, if you like passive traffic, getting tons of traffic while you sleep, creating contents and you're willing to take risk to optimize a page with no guarantee of getting page 1 in Google, then this is might be for you.
Well, those are kinds of software available in the market right now.

Is Downline Builder Software the answer?

If you buy any online course, join any membership or coaching of how people are building their online network marketing business, they will talk about:
  • mindset as a successful network marketer (I think it's important)
  • ways to get leads with lead capture page (this too is important) then to do follow up messages
  • ways to drive traffic like SEO, PPC, and things I told you above. And it's very likely that they will also tell you about the software I told you above
Then, does it solve your problem?

I think it solves your problem, but not entirely. Do you realize what problem still left? Yes, that's just the blueprint, and have not turned into reality. You still have no earning just like you dream.

If you buy a downline builder software, I think you really have to know the concept of the software, and you will have to understand how it will help you to build the downline. The problem with a lot of software that are being sold out there is they don't really clear enough on how they can help you to get the traffic, leads, and downline, even after you buy it.

I prefer to buy a software with clear concept of how it position itself to be a downline builder software, than a software with great sales page but with no idea on how it positions itself to be a downline builder software. So, the final conclusion is if you buy a software with no clear concept, then it'll give you even more problem compared before you buy the software.

Downline builder software:

Clear concept of downline builder software.
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