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How does facebook make money ?

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Posted 4th January 2012 at 08:33 AM by visimedia

Mark (facebook owner) didn't think to be this big, did he? LOL...

People are wondering how facebook is making lots of money? How this virtual asset became money printing machine for Mark Z? To be honest, we will just discuss something that's in the surface of facebook, because we don't know their internal company condition.

So, actually they're making money from advertising. They have PPC and PPV. It means they'll get paid by the advertisers from per click ad and per 1k views ad. But, how does facebook make lots of money from just some cent per click advertising ???

Facebook is smart. It knows how people want to market their products online with affordable price.

Instead of chasing butterflies, facebook plans a garden, full of flowers, what a heaven for the butterflies! No butterflies can refuses this kind of garden!

Just like facebook in the eyes of marketers.

Let's just say facebook has 500 million users over the globe, and just 0.1% is advertising in there, spending just $50 per day.

How much will facebook make?
That's $125million per day!

So, if you want to build something like facebook, it's gonna a good idea but I'm sure it'll take too long.

HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK if you don't have something like Facebook?

You can build a social media site, but if you don't really like to do coding, programming, investing lots of money, why don't you employ your free facebook account to make lots of money?

Here's some lil ideas on how to do it:
  1. you make free account with facebook, get some friends, interacting with them
  2. you make even more friends, then interacting with them rapidly
  3. join a free money making system then promote to your friends in there
  4. if they like, maybe they'll help you to share it in their wall by liking your post

That's just one little cool idea! I've heard and known some people are making great income from facebook alone just by doing things like the above I showed you!

So, building a social network or not, you can make money both ways.
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