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Mastering Free Website Traffic, Everlasting Strategy!

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Posted 22nd November 2012 at 02:41 AM by visimedia

What's The Formula of Free Website Traffic?

Which one is your case?
  1. don't know how to get free traffic ?
  2. you know how to get free traffic but don't feel that they're effective before trying them out?
  3. you think you have no time to do the free traffic formula?
  4. you want quick free website traffic?
  5. you think you just CAN'T DO IT!?
I don't know which one of the above problem you face right now but I can give you 1 short and simple answer for the free traffic formula that you should do for the 5 questions above.


Traffic still the worst problem that people are now facing in internet marketing, driving traffic to their website is still felt difficult by a lot of people, in fact their website ends up with zero traffic so they feel that internet marketing is not effective, or even worse: INTERNET MARKETING IS NOT FOR THEM.

In fact, internet marketing still works good until now.

If you want to master the free traffic formula, please think about the following ideas:
  1. GOOGLE is not the only source that you can get traffic from, so don't think you will die without SEO.. lol
  2. There are literally thousands of websites out there that you can get traffic from
  3. you need to hangout to a website where people hang out (just like promoting your product in a crowded mall, lots of people will see you)
The conclusion is:
MASTERING Free traffic formula (everlasting strategy) means: BE THERE where people are already visiting.

When you can get lots of traffic from a lot of different websites, you can't just separate the traffic sources and not considering them as multiple source of traffic (in fact, they are multiple source of traffic. lol).

Free traffic = you need to invest time, that's the reality.

Free traffic is all about : just do it!

Yes, don't think too far and just do it.

You need to have a set of a plan that you need to execute until it's finished and you will see the result after a while. Just give the traffic plan time to grow. I had an experience like this before because I'm still doing free traffic plan, and the formula works really well until now, with or without Google.

I highly recommend you to attend a webinar of how you can combine some different traffic sources to one big weapon to supply the free traffic and to the top of Google (regardless of the algo updates.. ) and how it made the do-er $500k in sales.

Shocked how he got lots of bloggers, news sites promoting him for literally free!!
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