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Free Internet Advertising - Your site Needs targeted traffic!

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Posted 24th November 2012 at 07:54 AM by visimedia

In a Need of Traffic ?
You got the FREE One !

See the methods below. ... .

All websites need traffic so the traffic will convert into money, so that the website can survive.

BUT, that's not the reality. Only a few people know how traffic generation should be done so that their websites will survive. So far, I still see lots of people think that traffic generation is really hard to do. Well, that might be right, but only for people who don't know how traffic generation works!

And if you think you are thinking that traffic generation is still a hard task to do these days, then read this carefully.


Free internet advertising means you need traffic from multiple sources of traffic. That's the main point of free internet advertising.

If you think that doing free internet advertising looks like it's a lot of work then you have to see the following study case.

If you don't know him, then have you ever heard the best selling book: Chicken Soup for The Soul?
The book itself has been sold millions of copies. Guess how that book was initially promoted?

YES, through free advertising with A LOT of work. But that work was worth it.
Mark himself did the promotion by visiting the bookstores, and a lot of public places doing the promotion with press conferences and press releases, for FREE (and with a lot of work). He visited lots and lots of places and it's sold lots of copies and now it has a big brand. Every time the title "Chicken Soup For The Soul" launches a new book for a specific segment, lots of people are still buying them again and again.

It makes Mark Victor Hansen really cool residual income. So it's worth it.

How to be spreaded on the net?

In internet advertising, you don't need to the physical activities to do the promotion, just from your PC/ laptop you can share lots of information from a single click.
That's such a great news I think!

The main point in free internet advertising is: being everywhere!
You need to have a small part of the internet, let your information out on the websites.

What people usually do is they narrow down the free traffic methods only to 1 or 2 sources, for example people only focus on SEO alone, while what they can do is they can get targeted free traffic through some other free internet advertising methods.

Every big websites can give you traffic, not just Google, but you can have classified ads websites, video websites, directory sites, bookmarking sites, etc.

Instead of just focusing to one website only, what if you can combine lots of websites to get the highest traffic potential?
Think out of the box. =)

Free traffic takes time to grow, you can't expect overnight success with free internet advertising. It can take days or maybe weeks before you get the result.

I highly recommend you to browse in google to get the list of websites to be your multiple sources of traffic.
You can browse in Google with the following terms:
  1. list of article directories sites
  2. videos website (one of them is youtube)
  3. classified ads sites
Is that a tedious work? Yes it is.
But, it pays off! lol.

What to do next?

I highly recommend you to watch the following webinar to combine a SEO and social media marketing activity to build the highest potential of being spreaded on the net. Also, one more thing that's astonishing is you can see how this man "makes" the other bloggers and websites to promote your website for free, and in the end how he got 20k facebook like in short period of time!

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