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Handle Frustration On Your Internet Marketing Efforts & What To Do

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Posted 11th August 2013 at 09:19 PM by visimedia
Updated 13th August 2013 at 10:49 AM by visimedia (changed link)

It Doesn't Work That Easy As the Gurus Said, Right?
What To DO Now?

"Winners never quit, quiters never win"

I know how it feels to fail on internet marketing business (and offline business too). After reading several ebooks and methods about making money online, how to rank websites in Google, how to make money using facebook (no Google anymore), how to use social media marketing, content marketing, writing long articles, this and that stuff.

Yes.... been there done that. I can feel how frustrating it would be, how it might take a lot of your time end up with nothing profitable but desperation.

Should you continue on what you're doing in internet marketing? Or is there something that you can do for your situation?

Learn A Business Skill, Something Called : TOUGH

I have to be honest, in business we can't just use our brain (intelligence) to succeed. Thomas Edison said : 1% talent, 99% hard work. Yes, there's nothing special to succeed in any business, and in this case: internet marketing business.

'Tough" is never taught in school, it's about attitude and how you react to failure.
I spent like 4 - 5 months before my first dollar online few years ago. I still remember, my first income was $300 online, I set up that campaign in 7 days (the longest 7 days in my life) with no hope nor gurus who promised me shinny income. Lol. But I just kept on moving forward, dare to fail is the gold here. Again, be tough. You WILL fail for trying something, but from that failure you will need to learn something. It's kind of trial and error period.

If you can get through this phase, you'll be pure gold and ready to be world shakers, people who will make things happen!


I don't like to see people failing in the business but I think we can't avoid it. Human will learn from mistake, but we CAN cut the long learning curve to success (we'll talk about that a bit later), and in here we will see top reasons of failure in Internet Marketing business that I'm 100% you're facing one (or more) of these things. Once you fix it, you're good to go and more than ready to make tons of money on the internet.

TRYING SEVERAL STUFF AT THE SAME TIME IN THE BEGINNING: As you grow you will be able to do several things at the same time, moreover if you use VA (virtual assistant) service, or even your multitasking skill will increase as you focus on doing 1 thing at a time. Focus on 1 thing that will give you the biggest money, make it as big as you can.

TRAFFIC: This is the blood of your business, your business dies because of no traffic. Traffic generation can be frustrating, there's some ebooks or videos out there but you don't know why after knowing the methods of traffic generation, your business/ website is still lack of traffic. lol. It's simply you're not sure if it's gonna work or not. Both free and paid traffic, you really need to try them, put your knowledge into action and you'll get result. Knowing the methods is never enough. 1 or 2 traffic strategies, if you do well, will give your business enough blood and you'll start to make money.

INFORMATION OVERWHELMED: Reading ebooks and watching lots of videos, one methods to the next one, thread to thread, again and again, every single day, will make you 100% confuse. Reading is good, but not taking action of it is like having your meals everyday but NEVER poop. Something that's not healthy at all, and I knew 1 person in a hospital who paid several hundreds bucks just to be able to poop. Lol!

WRONG NICHE: not all niche is profitable, even if you have the best products but you will never make money if no one buys it. You need to make sure if your niche is profitable, full of buyers that will buy your products/ services.

LACK OF COPYWRITING SKILLS: Copywriting skill probably is one of the most important skill an internet marketer might have. You can take some (expensive) courses about it, but again you need to practise to make the skill better. Copywriting skill can be used when you write sales page, blog posts that's compelling, squeeze page, and even autoresponder copy to make the conversion and open rate at the best level to make your business skyrocketing.

NO PROVEN SYSTEM: It's about your business concept. The wrong business type will lead you to no profit, different website concept will have different result. Whether your business concept is blog, minisite, just sales page or normal website, and those stuff. We call it website concept. What you sell, what niche you're into, what products and services, what your market looks like, will determine your approach, website concept, and design. If you have no proven system, it might take a bit longer before you make your profit from it. What if you can get a proven system, you can use it for your own income? Keep on reading.

LACK OF BUSINESS TOOLS (LEVERAGE): This is internet marketing and you need more than just internet connection. Internet connection is the basic so that you can interact with people, but this is never enough for doing business. Sufficient business tools will get rid of frustration in your internet marketing effort because not only it ease your business but also:
  • automate your business
  • save you a lot of time
  • replace some activities that's repeatable and can be duplicated
  • let you focus to your main business: marketing
  • leverage your income to increase faster and higher in shorter period of time
Set of business tools that I recommend is like professional autoresponder. That's one of the simplest tool that you need. There are still several other tools that you will need such as webinar room, good designed sales page/ squeeze page, traffic generation software/ tools, blog/ website with high authority, etc.

Are those products expensive? Probably yes, if you don't know where to get it. If you know where to get it, you will never believe it that they're so affordable!

(100% Free System Inside)

Yes, you've failed but you're here and you read this article. I appreciate that, you are willing to do this once again with much better effort and understanding of internet marketing stuff. Put this into action and I'm 100% believe that you will make it.

One thing that I want to make it bold to you is that one thing that you really need upfront is free system that will work for you 24/7 without you need to have lots of skills to master upfront like copywriting skills, selling skill, etc. All is done for you. Moreover, the traffic generation methods that are being sold out there are available in here for FREE for you. The niche, products, and business tools are ready here for dirt cheap (you'll never believe you find it at this price!) including the business tools that I mentioned above and even more than that.

With this system, 90% is done for you and your success is just 10% away.

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  1. New Comment
    Excellent gathering of information, & way to present great points for how people could be succeeding with their internet business! Well done.
    Posted 12th August 2013 at 02:42 PM by FeelGoodAllDay FeelGoodAllDay is offline
  2. New Comment
    visimedia's Avatar
    Originally Posted by FeelGoodAllDay View Comment
    Excellent gathering of information, & way to present great points for how people could be succeeding with their internet business! Well done.
    thx dude. Wish you good luck in your IM business
    Posted 12th August 2013 at 09:10 PM by visimedia visimedia is offline

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