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Set your Mind Straight

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Posted 14th May 2013 at 08:07 PM by viveblog

Set your mind straight about your decisions to make money. It is not easy. But when it comes to money the sky is the limit. Traditionally, when you have to work to earn money you have to get a job, I mean a physical job, and get paid every month, and then people will respect you. “That guy is working hard to earn a living”. Then consciously, you would say I have a job and it is so and so.

Your mind in conflict

Have you ever come across a situation where you are offered a job and then for some unknown reasons, you could not decide because you are in conflict with yourself? One side of the brain tells you to take the job because you have a mortgage to pay and a family to take care of; the other side of the brain says you don’t have to do this crappie job. A well educated individual should take a proper office job and not be engaged in a work from home job because it is not "safe". But you need the money and your qualification and experience these days are never enough to provide you with your dream job. What do you do? The reason why most people feel unsafe when they have to decide between an office job and a home based job is because both sides of your brain are not in harmony and this makes you feel very vulnerable. The arguments can take a few minutes and sometime weeks. Then when both sides of your brain cool off you are be in a position to make the appropriate decision.

Whenever something is going on in the back of your mind like that, it is actually a part of your Psyche if you will. It’s trying to keep you safe; maybe you were rejected in Amway for a long time or whatever. It’s trying to keep you safe from network marketing.
…Maybe you’re parents had money and fought all the time [so you gave your subconscious the notion that] people with money fight all the time.
Well, no they don’t. They fight less. That’s ridiculous, who said that? Nobody with money has said that. Sometimes people with money fight, but they fought when they had no money. They have nothing to do with each other. They are two unrelated phenomenon.
-David Wood

Your mind set in the current environment

In today’s environment, things have changed. With the advent of the computer and the WEB, the job profile has changed. There are physical and as well as virtual jobs. If you will tell your dad I have a job as an internet marketer. He will tell you "get a proper job". Mistakenly, he believes sitting behind a computer and blogging all day to earn a living is not a job.

The power in your brain to set your mind straight

Whether you're consciously aware of it or not, or ready to accept it or not, you're already using your mind power every second of every minute of every day. Every steps that you take, you are being guided by your brain power. This is true. The other day, I was driving through an intersection and about to turn left when I noticed the light suddenly changed to amber. I did not stop because subconsciously my mind also calculated the time I had before the light would turn red and my leg did not bother to press on the brake. After crossing the traffic light I said “Wow”, I made it.
People sometime do not realize how effective and efficient your brain can be and how it can help you to make the right decision.

Listen to your brain and take action wisely

Joining Empower Network could be the same too. Unfamiliar with what Empower Network does to help people to achieve their goals could put both sides of your brain at odds. To remedy the situation I will advise you to watch the videos and listen to David Wood and David Sharpe about what they have accomplished before you take any action. When both sides of you mind come in harmony, then you decide whether Empower Network can provide solution to your problem.

Click here to watch the video
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