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The Process of Launching a new Website

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Posted 20th May 2013 at 02:53 PM by WebmasterMaine

When it comes to launching a new website there is a lot to think about. From research, design, development to search engine optimization it can be hard to figure out if you haven’t done it before or only have a few times!
Having over 8 years of experience in Web Design and Development I have learned and developed a process that makes launching your website a breath of fresh air.
Here is a process to make your new website launch as painless as possible in about 11 days!

Gathering of Information + Project Scope (Day 1)

Gathering information from a Business Owner is one of the most important parts of launching their new website, after all it is their business! Creating a website that a business owner loves, stands by and tells you it is exactly what they envisioned is a great sense of accomplishment. Especially when they see a great increase in business because of your services.

From over 8 years of experience every website project requires certain Information to help make launching a new website easy. Take a look at some of the material and information I request when starting a new website design project.
  • Information about the Business
    • What kind of business is your company in?
    • How long has your company been in business?
    • What is the size of your company?
    • What is the company’s reputation?
    • What is your typical customer like?
    • Who are your competitors?
  • What the Business Owner Prefers
    • What is most important to you, quality or speed?
    • What color scheme would you want?
    • Show me 3 websites that you would like your website to embody and why?
    • What is the purpose of this project?
  • Project Information
    • What is the budget for this project?
    • What is the deadline for this project?
    • How will you be making your payment?
    • How often do you want updates on my progress?

Research and Planning (Day 2-3)
Gathering all the information about the project is important for proper research and planning of the website. Take a look at some things to plan and think about before diving into the project.
  • Search Engine Optimization Report and Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine and Internet Marketing Planning
  • Content Management System Selection (Typically WordPress)
  • Plan Website Features (3D Front Page Image Slider, Custom Navigation, Image Gallery, Custom Quote / Calculator, Store, and more!)
  • Number of Static Pages and purpose of each page.
  • Does content need to be rewritten?
  • Does client want a blog?
  • Is a newsletter needed?
  • Is a landing page needed?
  • Does client want a Mobile Friendly Website?
  • and more

Design Mockups (Day 3-6ish)
Once all of the information, research and planning is complete it’s time to move to Designing the website! Typically I offer 2-3 design mockups for the business owner to choose from, this way I can see what kind of direction they want to head in.
Using a project management tool to keep business owners updated has made a huge impact on the way business is done! They can comment, view mockups and progress of the site!
After revisions and changes are made and the business owner is fully happy with the mockup of all the pages it is ready to be coded and developed!
Development, Feature and Content integration (Day 6-8)

Once there is a design that the business owner fully approves on that is when we move to the development, feature and content integration stage. This is where all the gears that make your website function are setup. There is a process used for developing, adding website features and integrating content to make it go smoothly and in the time-frame expected.

Take a look at the process I use:
Website Programming for Content Management System
This is where all the programming and integration for the content management system which make it easy for the business owner to add or edit pages, blog posts, view statistics and more.

Browser Compatibility Test
Testing to make sure the website is the same and viewable for all browsers is important! Taking the time to test and make changes will increase the success rate of your new website.

Blog Setup
Having a blog for your website is very important! It keeps your visitors updated and informed about your business. Having a blog also keeps your website updated and shows Search Engines that your website is active, and using proper search engine optimization techniques with blog postings will greatly increase your search positions.

Content Creation and Integration
If you already have content ready for your website then it is as easy as copying and pasting! But if you are in need of new content for your website that is search engine optimized then new content will need to be written.

Keep in mind about having a few weeks worth of blog postings before launching so you don’t have to worry about it once your website is live.

Mobile Website Development
Having your website Mobile Friendly is a must since more people are using their phones to search for local businesses than computers!

We will create a fully featured Mobile website that will be viewable on all smart phones that will be interconnected to your website content.

Search Engine Optimization (Day 9)
There are a lot of factors when it comes to Search Engine Optimization for your website. From keyword research, making sure the website is fully optimized, Maps & Directories (Google, Yahoo, Bing), link building and off page search engine optimization.

Luckily during the research and planning process is where all the information for the Search Engine Marketing and Optimization campaign is developed, so all that is needed is action!
Optimization your website is a full day process and IS necessary if you want your website to be seen and rank higher in search engines!

Testing and Tweaking (Day 10)
Once all of the design, programming and search engine optimization tasks are complete I take a full day to go through the website to look for bugs and any other issues or things I missed. Before launching your clients website you want to make sure it works properly so they don’t email you within a few hours telling you something isn’t working.

Launch of your New Website (Day 11)
The day has finally come to launch the website! All the research, planning, design, development, content integration and search engine optimization is complete.
This is the day where any small tweaks to the website will be made and once approved it will go from a Demo website to a live one!
I hope this helped you understand the process of creating a website!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me at 207-370-6700.
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