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Traffic - Free or Paid?

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Posted 26th August 2017 at 02:42 PM by Weston Brown

In the last blog post I talked about the tools you need to start making money online. In this short post I am going to be talking about traffic specifically, since there are many controversial topics around getting traffic and what should be done to acquire.

There are literally dozens and dozens, of traffic sources out there. I would strongly suggest picking one and sticking with it. So which traffic source do you choose? If you’re a newbie marketer I suggest sticking with free. Find one free traffic source and stick with that until you master it.

It all depends on what kind offer you have, but here are some free traffic source that work well with the make money niche in particular: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube.

I have also found a website called MLM Gateway. This is a good traffic source because you have a wide variety of people looking for different business opportunities. I haven’t specifically used this too much yet, but I certainly will for my own offers because I can see huge potential in it!

I wanted to mention a quick note about free Facebook traffic: Do not waste your time in the free Facebook advertising groups. The only thing that is good for is growing a Facebook group, but people in those groups are just looking for free opportunities and will be a complete waste of your time. They don’t want to spend a cent or work at all, in my opinion, and they just expect money to magically grow on a tree in their backyard.

What you should do is find people in other make money Facebook groups and connect with them, because if they’ve spent money once, they’ll most likely spend it again. I don’t mean to sound negative towards the people looking for opportunities in those free Facebook groups, but I have wasted a lot of time talking to those people. All they want is free and they think everything is a scam. Don’t waste your time.

If you want to paid advertising, Facebook is of course the way to go. I don’t have a high opinion of solo ads because it takes a lot of money and testing to find the right vendor. You are better off with Facebook ads if you are going to use any paid traffic source.

That’s it for this post. Click on the links below if you’d like to start making money online. I am always learning new things and testing things out, and I will share what works for me here in my posts.

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