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Twitter Turn Down the Volume Please!

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Posted 10th July 2009 at 02:22 AM by whoismarktaylor

Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Stumbleupon and a hundred other social media sites are getting all the attention these days and a million people from all over the planet are shouting out there opportunity or services from every conceivable direction.

Step 1 of my cunning plan:-

Just as an experiment I started a small twitter account and filled in the usual bio etc. I dropped in a few obvious keywords aimed at the internet marketing / multi level marketing crowd and posted around 20 tweets!

Your not going to believe the results! Over 1000 followers in 24 hours!!!!! It cant of been my aftershave lol

Why all the follows you may ask? Well I can assume that the majority of these twitter users are using some of the automated services just like tweetlater, that effectively scan your tweets/ profile and automatically follow those that tweet or have specific keywords in their profile.

Here was step 2 of my cunning plan:-
I tweeted asking for a little help! Oh yes it was a genuine tweet ( there’s not many of them). Super Duper Kudos to Lynn Terry Lynn Terry (lynnterry) on Twitter who took the time to reply and offer up a solution to my problem.

Here’s the thing though, out of some 1200+ followers only 1 took the time to listen, and then reply offering some genuine advice. As it happened I had already solved the issue but it got me thinking about the whole internet marketing game..

Prepare for Rant!!!!!

So David emails me, he is discovering internet marketing and actually signed up to one of my lists:-

“Dear mark I have just started to do some homework and look into internet marketing. I currently have 333 unread emails in my inbox and am totally overwhelmed!. I am unsubscribing from your list as I really do not have the time to read all this information. It will take me days to go through it all!!” David
Now david is one of milions of people who are motivated to do something to prepare for their future and he is looking to get involved in an Industry that can truly give you a great income AND a great lifestyle to boot. His information overload cunnundrum is probably the most common problem all information marketeers suffer from when starting out. Learning to cut out the noise and filter the signal from those genuine marketers looking to pass on their wisdom and knowledge can be the single biggest stumbling block for those starting out in in the internet marketing industry.

My twitter experiment is the perfect example of 1200:1 signal ratio. No wonder david feels overwhelmed!

I love automation, it’s one of the reasons I looked to the internet to deliver my message’s in my adsence over and over again, true leverage, and truly the internet with its awesome power can deliver your message to the masses quickly, efficiently and on autopilot! However, and its a big however, I cannot be the only person who has and is sick of getting shouted at over and over again, if every post you send is another link to your opportunity, another link to how to get 17,000 twitter followers in 30 days then I will Turn Down Your Volume and ignore you completely! Goodbye forever.
Rant Over!

On the other hand, Lynn you have made a freind forever, I will follow you and look forward to your great posts and click your links, oh yes, you took the time to listen, you took the time to think about my question and you took the time to get back to me, big thankyou.

Why am i making a huge deal out it????
Lynn singled herself out of 1199 other followers! How would you like to be singled out of 1200 other marketers? Dont YOU want to be One. And really how much time did Lynn really take to do that? 20 seconds, 1 minute maybe 2!!!

This is powerful stuff!!! Would twenty genuine contacts help you in your journey to financial freedom?

What about 1199 contacts who never listen to a word your saying? It always come back to building a relationship and I for one am looking to find those that are the real deal. If you cant find the time because you have 20,000 followers on twitter then at least take the time to be genuine and offer up some gold, and not some link about how I too can get 20,000 followers ( 19,980 of which are not even listening to a word im saying).

Lets get real and build true tribes. How do you become Great?

Find a way to Serve the many, for serving the many leads to greatness!
Your humble Servant

Mark - YourNetBiz

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