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Are You A Sheep or a Lion Grrrrr!

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Posted 14th July 2009 at 09:32 AM by whoismarktaylor

I couldn’t understand why people who had the greatest opportunity in the world would leave to start their own business!. Why would they leave the chance to become financially free with all the support and a proven ‘System’ to follow? It just didn’t make sense to me at the time.

Five years into a network marketing opportunity I was full time, an above average income and more free time than most people could dream of. I would turn up at many training events and suck it all in, taking copious noted I would look at those in my team who had forgotten pens and paper, busy scrabbling around for pieces of paper and taking notes with borrowed pens on the back of a handout! You just know that those notes will go the way of all bits of paper, stuffed in the back of a drawer somewhere waiting for the inevitable clean out!.

I was part of the system, hell it was part of me!

The System Time Table
  • The Leaders Forum (once a month)
  • The Company Conference ( Three Times a Year)
  • The Monthly Opportunity Meeting
  • The Monthly Training Opportunity
  • The Monthly Higher Level Training Meeting
  • The Weekly Conference Call
  • Success Rally’s ( 3 times a year)
I’m sure I have missed out something but that’s enough for now. All this training available for next to no charge, a couple of quid to cover the meeting room expense’s and a few hours of my time. A great education to be had for next to nothing.
The personal relationships I created with other like minds was invaluable and many people, too many to mention helped me create my personal philosophy which has led me to where I am today, here writing this article about to bare my soul. My personal library was growing exponentially, books, audio programs, videos. I wanted the knowledge to help me expand my thinking.

And then it happened…

I stepped out, I cant remember exactly why it happened. One day I was busy following the system, the next I was walking my own path. I felt liberated yet a little lonely, I felt excited, and yet scared, I was now truly in charge of my business success! If it was to be, it was up to me.

I walked away from the comfort of the system that had cossetted me for a long period of time and it took me a while to adjust. The more I adjusted the more I realised the truth of it. The System was more than just information and training, more than the personal relationships that develop within it. The power lay in the constant care, communication, and emotional connection you invest over a period of time. It gets harder to walk away and by introducing your team, your group, your business into that system you are walking from them too.
That reminds me of something, I laughed when I got called brainwashed one day by a family friend, I hit back and said ” maybe my brain needed cleaning!”.

The question I posed was Are you a Sheep or a Lion, maybe the questions I should of posed are

Are you a Lion posing as a Sheep?
Or are you a Sheep posing as a Lion?
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