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Operation Nomad - Big Plans & Living The Dream

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Posted 22nd August 2012 at 05:20 PM by WikiWarrior

Things are pretty busy at the moment with writing, marketing and life in general. Recently I’ve started to make some decent progress on many fronts including fitness, mindset and spirituality and it’s lead me to some interesting discoveries. Mostly about my plans for the future.

I’ve felt a bit at sea for some years but all of a sudden the fog has cleared and I know exactly what I want to do. My plan is to build my business up to a certain level over the next year and a bit, bank some savings and then go traveling around the world at the end of 2013...indefinitely!

This idea has actually been brewing for a long time but it only just crystalized in my subconscious in the last couple weeks. For the longest time I’ve felt like I was missing something in my life but couldn’t put my finger on it. A kind of discontent with both myself and life. I’m kind of kicking myself now that I know what the problem is.

It made me realize that up until now my goals were kind of empty and not big enough to get excited about, even though I thought they were. I had the big house by the sea, flash car and great lifestyle in my 20’s but blew it all because I didn’t know my ‘Why’.

I’m 33 now, almost 34 so I’ll be 35 (October) by the time I make this happen but I know I can so I’m pretty excited. I’m still fairly young, single, no dependents and I already run my business from home so there’s nothing holding me back and every reason to go and see the world.

It’s not as if I’m blazing a trail here anyway. More and more people are becoming location independent, traveling with family and it’s a trend that is only going to continue as technology makes it easier.

Here’s what I have on my to-do list to make this happen by the end of 2013 (I’d like to spend the New Year in a foreign country to see in 2014).

Here’s my list:

1) Build my online businesses up to earn $7.5k per month - I don’t think I’ll need anywhere near this much to live on from what I’ve read but if I’m going traveling I want to make sure I’m covered for anything that could happen (and enjoy my time traveling).

2) Savings - build up a reserve of $15000 - $20000. This is my ‘oh sh*t’ money if anything goes wrong or I decide I need to return to the UK and rent somewhere. This is enough to cover a deposit, 6 months rent and flights back from wherever.

3) Pay down debts - I have some debts still, a kind of hangover from the mistakes of my 20’s but they’re all under control and not that big, I just want to get rid of them before I go traveling. I don’t want anyone chasing me (including the taxman!) while I’m half a world away somewhere.

4) Sell all my possessions - I plan on selling everything except what I can fit in my big-ass Northface camper bag. I guess I’ll put a few things on Craigslist, give others to family, like my mountain bike and desktop, and stick anything i really can’t get rid of (not sure what yet?) in my folks loft.

I’m really looking forward to this. A few months ago I cleared out half a room just full of assorted ‘crap’ I never use. I filled up 3 full bins and it felt great. I look forward to getting rid of the rest.

5) Get in peak fitness - I have a few health issues so I feel it’s doubly important that I prepare my body properly for whatever challenges I put it through. I’m bound to catch a bug at some point, get sick or just feel a bit burnt out at some point but if I’m fit I should recover more quickly.

I already go running every other day and now I’ve got my tyres fixed go cycling on the other days. Plus I do stretches, sit-ups and push-ups. The only thing I’m missing is doing a sport for some good aerobic/limbering up exercise which I want to add into my routine as soon as possible.

Anyway, if I keep things up I should be in the best shape of my life by the end of next year, or sooner.

6) Purchase a Macbook - I’ve never had a Macbook (or any Mac) before but if everything goes according to plan and I’m on track, I’ll buy one halfway through 2013. That will give me a good few months to get used to using it and ensure I can be productive.

7) End tenancy - Goes without saying but I’ll end my long-term rental of this 2 bed apartment where I am now. It’s actually really beautiful where I live but it’s out in the sticks and not much happens here.

7) Sell car - it’s not exactly fancy so there won’t be any tears getting rid of it, assuming it even lasts until the end of next year! This will be the last thing I get rid of, as close to leaving for the airport as possible after I’ve got myself organized.

Looking back through that list I certainly have my work cut out. I’ll have to achieve more in the next 17 months than I have done in the past 5 years. It will be interesting to see what life throws at me between now and then but I’m absolutely set on doing this. It’s not even an ‘if’, it’s simply a matter of when. I’d love to achieve the goals in the time-frame I’ve set though. What an amazing rush and accomplishment that would be.

I really believe that we become what we think about. I was crazy confident in my late teens and early 20’s and I didn’t know anything really. And yet my reality became amazing because I just ‘knew’ it would and I worked damn hard in my business. The whole of my 20’s was a real roller-coaster of emotions and events, as I guess it is for many people. It’s just a shame I didn’t figure out my ‘why’ in that time.

I feel like I’ve figured everything I need to out now though. No more ‘wasting’ time soul-searching and spinning my wheels. I have everything I need to be successful. I’m a lot wiser about what’s important in life and now I just want to share whatever gifts I have with everyone and live a balanced and much more interesting and open life.
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