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The Biggest Non-Secret To Landing More Joint Ventures

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Posted 5th June 2013 at 10:39 AM by Willie Crawford

This is the second article in a multi-part series where I
share with you the art and science of putting together
successful joint ventures.

If you missed the first part, it's posted on my blog and
is titled "The Secrets To MORE Successful Joint Ventures."
That blog post is here:

Ok, here's installment number 2...

The Biggest Non-Secret To Landing More Joint Ventures
Copyright 2013 by Willie Crawford

Countless people go into business online, struggle for a while,
and then hear that you can accelerate your business' growth via
joint ventures.

They hear that all you need to do is get one person, or a few
people, with very large list to promote your product (splitting
the profits), and you will be an overnight success.\

The rumors are actually true. Joint ventures ARE a shortcut to
rapid business growth acceleration.

However, what they are often not told is how difficult it can be
to land one of these lucrative joint ventures.

They are also not told what I call "the biggest non-secret to
landing more joint ventures." That secret is that potential
joint venture partners often expect reciprocity. They have a
LOT of products that they can choose from, and the ones that
they choose to promote (all things being equal) are often those
belonging to people who can promote THEIR products in

Even the biggest players in online and direct response
marketing play by these rules. In fact, I was once approached
and asked to promote a book offered by Jay Abraham's marketing
group. The book was fairly expensive, and offered a good
commission, but what caused me to say "yes" to promoting it
was the fact that the guy who contacted me told me that if
my promotion did well, the Abraham marketing group would
be open to promoting one of my products.

My mind instantly went into over-drive, calculating how much
I could make if Jay's group did a mailing for me to his huge
database. I'm sure that's what most struggling internet
marketers experience when they imagine landing a JV with a
large list owner.

I actually did well promoting the "Mr. X" book, but did not
get the reciprocal promotion. My product probably wasn't
considered good enough, but that's not really the
important point.

The important point is that the reason I was even offered
that possibility is because I had something that offered
leverage... namely a large list.

I submit that if you hope to land more, and larger, joint
ventures as an online marketer, you need to start building
a large list.

Having a large list is one of the biggest leverage points
that you can have in all of your joint venture negotiations!

The thing is that MOST newer marketers seeking joint ventures
think that all they need is a great product, and to offer
a high commission. They fail to acknowledge that some large
list owners may get 10-20 similar offers in a week, and some
of them may only choose to promote one or two such offer
every month or two.

By the time that many online marketers have built a large
list, they have also developed a product line of their own.
When they elect to promote an outside product, it is at
the expense of not promoting one of their own products!

What this means for the smaller player seeking a joint
venture is that you need to bring something valuable, and
valued by your potential joint venture partner, to the table.
I submit that the most valuable thing you can bring to the
table is your own list... even if it's a relatively small

As you are building your list, there are things that you
can do to start getting more yeses from potential JV
partners. One is to invoke the law of reciprocity. Do things
for your potential JV partner(s) first.

One thing that you can do is join their affiliate programs
and promote their products. Even the biggest players NOTICE
who is making sales of their products. If you join their
affiliate program, actively promote, and start making sales,
that WILL put you on their radar, and when you approach
them they are more likely to know who you are. You can also
open your approach to them by pointing out that you are an
affiliate who has sold some of their products.

Another way that you can get potential affiliates to say
"yes" is to look for ways to build backend profits into the
JV. Affiliates often look at how much net revenue they are
likely to make from a particular JV over the long-term. If
you offer life-time commissions, or commissions on the
backend products, as well as the front-end products, then
your offer is naturally more attractive.

An example that comes to mind is my friend David Perdew,
and his Niche Affiliate Marketing System (NAMS). When
an affiliate refers a prospect to NAMS via any of a dozen
different entry points, David "tags" that prospect to the
affiliate who referred them, and if they buy ANYTHING in
the future, the referring affiliate earns a commission.

A NAMS affiliate can refer a person to a free training
webinar (something NAMS offers every Wednesday evening...
featuring a different expert each week) and if that person
later buys ANY NAMS product, the referring affiliate earns
a commission. This creates very loyal joint venture

Potential JV partners do have a LOT of choices, so seek
to make your offer irresistible, An offer that pays
commissions on more than just the front-end offer does that

As I've already pointed out, you DO need to bring
something to the table that a potential JV partner wants,
and MANY of them want the potential for you to promote
their offers to your list. This naturally leads to the
question of what do you do if you don't have a list?

The answer is "Start Build One - TODAY!"

An easy way to do this, actually getting others to do
this for you, is to roll out a simple, inexpensive product,
where you offer affiliates 100% commission. This could be
an ebook or audio that focuses on solving one VERY specific
problem. You want to narrow the scope of the product so
that you can create it quickly and roll it out at a price
that makes it almost an impulse buy... say $9.97 - $17.

You give affiliates 100% commission because that makes the
product more attractive to them, and because your real
purpose is to build a list... not to make a profit on the
front-end. If you offer instant commissions, that will make
your offer even more attractive to cash-strapped affiliates.

Launch this product as a Warrior Special Offer on the popular
Warrior Forum, or use a script such as Rapid Action Profits to set up
your own independent affiliate program. I have more than a
dozen sites set up using the Rapid Action Profits system and
they work beautifully :-)

You can also tap into others efforts to build a list. For
example, you can join free list-building giveaways, where
you build your list by offering a free gift to those who
join your list. You'll find lots of current giveaways listed
on my blog at:

You can also get others to grow your list virally for you.
Here is a website that I use to do that, which I'll offer
you a free copy of:

It doesn't really matter how you get started building that
list. What matters is that you DO get started right away.
When you approach potential JV partners, you need an asset
to differentiate you from all of the others seeking a JV.
In my opinion, few assets accomplish this better than having
your own list!

Ok, I've shared what I consider one of the big non-secrets
to landing more joint ventures. The ball is now in your
court. You can act upon what I've just shared, or you can
keep doing things the way that most less-successful people
do :-)


Willie Crawford is one of the world's leading online marketing
experts. Online since 1996, he has taught thousands what
actually works. For more of his insights, visit his blog and
subscribe to his ezine at:

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