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The Secrets To MORE Successful Joint Ventures

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Posted 5th June 2013 at 10:43 AM by Willie Crawford

The Secrets To MORE Successful Joint Ventures
Copyright 2013 by Willie Crawford

This is the first in a multi-part series where I will
share with you the art and science of putting together
successful joint ventures.

Joint ventures, as I use the term, can mean jointly
creating/launching a product or project, but more often
it will mean working with JV partners (affiliates) to
launch your own product. The product will typically
belong to only one party in the partnership. In that
sense, it will be more like what Jay Abraham described
as the host-parasite relationship. The product owner
needs access to the affiliate's list.

I've done (and studied) tons of successful joint ventures
since 2002, and I've worked as a JV broker since 2004.
So, I have a lot of experience that I will be sharing with
you, hence a multi-part article series.

All of this article series will be shared in my newsletter,
but parts will be shared elsewhere (my blog, Facebook,
etc.) If you want to ensure that you don't miss any
parts of it, please subscribe to my newsletter here:

I'll begin by sharing with you the biggest secret to
successful joint ventures. This is something that often
accounts for 90% or more of the success. That secret
is that it's about the relationships!

I'm so effective at orchestrating joint ventures
because I have spent 17 years building online
relationships. Since 2002, a LOT of that relationship
building has been in face-to-face meetings.

I've attended as many as 4 live seminars in a single
month, and spoken at countless events in several
countries. I also go on cruises regularly, with my
primary purpose being to build real long-term

People simply prefer working with someone that they
know, and whether it's face-to-face, or virtual
networking, it's essential that you get known!

This series will cover how to build real long-lasting
relationships, but also cover topics such as:
- Locating potential affiliates/JV partners
- The proper way to first approach them
- Things most people are doing wrong, causing the
majority of product launches to fail
- Motivating affiliates and JV partners
- Forming true long term partnerships, where you do
numerous joint ventures over the years
- Maintaining contact with potential or future JV
- Getting affiliates and JV partners to actually
follow through and promote - most don't
- How to get noticed by the bigger players in your
niche, and have them actually chasing you
- How to scientifically cause people to want to
promote you and your products
- How countless people blow any chance of ever
getting a JV and never realize it

I'll cover many more topics, but will keep each
segment short.

I personally get paid fairly well to broker joint
ventures for others. I can do this because, as
already pointed out, I've spent a LOT of time
building relationships, connections and

An example of one way that I do this is that every
June, I host an informal beachfront gathering on
Okaloosa Island, near my home in northwest Florida.
It's free (you pay your own travel, lodging and food),
and I invite friends and contacts from social media
sites, discussion forums, etc.

Lasting long-term relationships are formed at these
gatherings, and many of these people do coordinate
joint ventures while sitting on a restaurant patio
overlooking a beautiful, white-sand beach.

You can read about the next gathering which is June 8th,
2013 at:

You're welcome to attend.

Ok, that's it for Part-1 of this article series. Watch
for the next part in a day or two. If you are not a
newsletter subscriber, make sure that you subscribe here:

When you subscribe, you'll noticed that my subscription
process uses Facebook Connect. I'll explain why that is
in a future part of this series.


Willie Crawford is one of the world's leading online
marketing experts. Online since 1996, he has taught
thousands what actually works. For more of his insights,
visit his blog at:

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