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Taking Massive Positive Action In 2015 - Kicking GoToWebinar To The Curb

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Posted 3rd January 2015 at 05:47 PM by Willie Crawford

For probably the past 4 years, I've used GoToWebinar to host and
record webinars.

I've turned many of those recorded webinars into products that I
now sell!

I also host numerous live webinars that people PAY to be on.

GoToWebinar currently costs $399 PER ORGANIZER/per month (if
billed annually), or $499 per month if billed month-to-month...
for a line that hosts up to 1000 attendees.

I've always felt that that was expensive, but still worth it
since I could easily make many times that with a successful

Naturally, most start-ups would go for the month-to-month option,
to smooth out their cashflow!

A year or two ago, I noticed Google Hangouts, and then my friend
Walt Bayliss' Hangout Plug-in, which essentially allows you to do
presentations and host webinar-like conference calls using Google
Hangouts backbone.

With GoToWebinar, you recorded a webinar, and then had to convert
it from some funky proprietary encoding to a version of .wmv that
you could edit in your video/audio editing software of choice.
That was one of the things that I HATED about GoToWebinar the
most. I'd record a webinar and then often spend 2-3 hours
converting and editing the recording before I could even offer
copies to my audience.

With Google Hangouts, and with Walt's plug-in, you don't need to
spend hours converting the recording to anything. You can just
upload it directly to YouTube, making it public or private, or
use the video in any way that you want... without HOURS of
additional work!

I loved Walt's software, but it had it's limitations, so I stuck
with my GoToWebinar account. Both systems had their pros and
cons. The biggest cons to GoToWebinar was its $497 price tag and
the fact that that account limited you to 1000 attendees... and
the need to spend hours converting the video before you could
really work with it.

NOW, Walt has a new version of his Hangout Plug-in on the market,
named RunClick, since Google didn't like him using "Hangout" in
his product name :-)

The latest version of Walt's plug-in is very simple to use,
allows unlimited attendees, does EVERYTHING that I need in a
webinar and conferencing platform, and costs less than I paid for
dinner the last time my wife and I went out. That's a one-time
fee for lifetime usage.

So, in keeping with making massive, totally logical decisions, in
2015, I'm switching all of my webinars, training sessions, etc.,
over to RunClick.

I encourage you to do the same. If you have the 1000 person max
attendee GoToWebinar account, you'll save $499 per month right
there. Take that $499 and invest it back into growing your
business... or use it to buy something nice for yourself and your

I don't care what you do with it... just STOP wasting $499 per
month, and many hours converting video formats, and get with the

RunClick does EVERYTHING that I need in a webinar system, for an
incredibly low one-time fee.

If you're ready to get serious about making massive progress in
2015, take a few minutes to download RunClick now.

Get it here: RunClick Webinar Software

Just making this ONE simple change will save me thousands of
dollars, and hundreds of hours, over the next year.


P.S. Yes, RunClick is a self-hosted app that turns Google
Hangouts into your very own webinar service. Complete with
Autoresponder Integration, Evergreen systems and more. One Fee.
Lifetime Use.

P.P.S. In case you're wondering what caused me to look at it
now. My friend Walt sent me a note telling me that for the
next 14 hours, he's offering the life-time software license
for a whopping 50% off the regular price.

That note also pointed out a TON of upgrades that he had made
since I first looked at it. That made it a complete no-brainer
for me!

Grab your copy now, before the special ends:
RunClick Webinar Software
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