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The New Breeds Of List-Building Giveaways

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Posted 2nd December 2015 at 06:40 PM by Willie Crawford

I've been taking part in list-building joint ventures and
giveaways for well over a decade and probably have gained
over 20,000 subscribers in various niches during that time.

Many argue over the "quality" of those new subscribers
gained during the course of the giveaway. I argue that
those are people who simply don't take the time to nurture
their relationship with their new list-members or strive to
meet the expectations they set when convincing the new
subscriber to sign up.

All that aside, several years ago, I noticed that in many
such giveaways, as high as 90% of those who sign up to be JV
partners never get around to submitting a gift and/or never

Some just registered as JV partner for early access to the
gifts, or hoping for a free ride... and never intending to

Over the past year or so, I've noticed and started taking
part in list-building JV's where partners COMMIT to driving
a minimum number of qualified clicks to the event.

If it's apparent that they will fail to deliver the
requisite number of qualified clicks fairly early in the
event, then their gift is removed, and they are not invited
to take part in future events. This model work beautifully.

A second "flaw" with many list-building JV's was that the
event operator didn't police thing closely enough. Instead
they only seemed to care about how many new subscribers THEY

You see, in many such events, everyone who registers goes
into the organizers database. At the same time they only go
into the database of the other individual JV partners IF a
potential subscriber considered the gift offered by that JV
partner attractive enough to visit their website and
register to access the gift, etc.

There ARE events out there that correct that "flaw" and you
will from time to time notice me participating in them.

One such event has just kicked off. These events are
usually just 10 - 15 JV partners working together, and
"USUALLY" you don't even need to register in order to see
what gifts are offered.

One such event that just opened today (for people to
download gifts), and that I invite you to check out, is at:

I ask you to take a few minutes and check it out for several
reasons, not the least of which is that after seeing how
things are set up you might want to be a JV partner in one.

If that IS the case, I can make that happen ;-)

All you need to do is send me a private message, letting me
know, and I'll get you all of the specifics.

With such events, it IS possible to gain THOUSANDS of new
subscribers in just a week or two... without a lot of work.

Consider an event with say 15 JV partners where each has
committed to generating 1000 qualified clicks. That's
15,000 eyeballs that will see your offer, and all are
potential subscribers.

What determines whether or not they accept your offer how
enticing you make it. Offer something on-topic with the
theme of the event, is fresh/new, and has a high perceived
value. That's also how you start the relationship off on a
good footing.

Don't offer a gift that's "crap" and expect that new
subscriber to stick around. If they do, don't expect them
to open and read your emails! You would have already shown
them that you offer them poor quality stuff!

Check out http://businessopportunitygifts.com/?u=williec and
see how it's structured. I wouldn't be taking part in these
events if they didn't work.

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