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My New Year's Resolution... Started Early

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Posted 25th December 2015 at 12:30 PM by Willie Crawford

Having been in business online since when Methuselah first fell off his dinosaur, I do know a lot about building an online business, and can teach it to a lot of people who want and need a big break.

The PROBLEM is that when you give MOST people something for FREE, they assign a value to it of EXACTLY what they paid for it.

Since I HATE wasting my time, and like for people to acknowledge that THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for where they are in life, I like to force people to "have some skin in the game."

EVERYTHING that has EVER gone wrong in my life, I played a small roll in.. although I may not have seen that at first!

So, I'm now actually willing to teach many of my online friends and followers how to make 2016 their pivotal year, their "Best Year Ever" 100% for free, BUT, I feel that I'm doing you a disservice if I don't REQUIRE something out of you in exchange.

I (and many of my friends and contemporaries) have had it simply proven to us that most people DON'T value what is given to them... I guess they assume that there must be "a catch."

So, my New Year's Resolution is to help as many people as practical in 2016.

I don't/can't know that this is not my LAST year on this marvelous planet in my present form.

I HOPE that it's not, and I'm in no hurry to "transition" but I do admit that it's always a possibility since it happened to both my brother a year older than me and my brother a year younger than me about 11 years ago. A God of my understanding simply took both of them, and left me behind for some reason that I don't pretend to understand.

I also feel that taking something, that one could have easily passed along to others, to one's grave, when they could have passed that along completely without any costs, is SAD.

So my New Year's Resolution is to step as many people as are willing to allow me, into building an AMAZING online business.

I am already poised for a 7-figure 2016, unless I totally screw things up, and I'm even going to document it... so my year and the remainder of my life is largely set to be what I want it to be.

The doorway for you to join me is here:

Step through the door and allow me to change your life... OR stay where you're at and don't be a part of my 2016 New Year's Resolution to make a difference in a lot of lives :-)

I love you in either case.


P.S. For those who don't get the Methuselah reference, in the book of Genesis in the Bible (Gen. 5:27) he is reputed to have lived to be 969 years old. I buy that... and plan on setting a new record, although that waits to be seen.
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