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Making Friend On Facebook VS Building A List

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Posted 27th December 2015 at 07:04 AM by Willie Crawford

Roughly six months ago, I was in a discussion with several friends on the topic of building an email list.

One friend commented that her "list' was just the 2000 friends that she had made on Facebook.

I countered with "your Facebook Friend are NOT a list!"

I went on to point out that even if a large percentage of your Facebook Friends or followers on other social media platforms "care" about some topic that you want to share with them, MOST of them are not going to be online when you post about it... and most will never see a given post.

After thinking about that some more, I will say that I've seen times where your social media audience is MUCH more responsive than an email list.

That's usually where you manage to build an audience in a "Group"... on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

When you manage to do that, you've now assembled an audience who have a demonstrated interest in a tightly focused topic, and if you are the group's founder, or admin, you may get more response/engagement BECAUSE of your authority or expert status.

In the case of building a group on LinkedIn, you are even allowed to send BROADCASTS right to group members inboxes once a week... they call them "updates."

So, building a following on social media, in the form of a group, IS very worthwhile.

That's why I've built a group focused solely on the topic of quickly building a very tightly niched list, in a very short time, right here on Facebook.

That group, started only a few short days ago, is already approaching 300 members... AND since it was set up to help group members solve a problem that they DO care about, they read message that I share with them MUCH more than an email list does.

Just food for thought.

That group by the way is at:

I'll add you to that group, 100% for free, if you merely visit the group, and request membership.

Another group that I've started on Facebook has the explicit purpose of teaching you to be a very effective affiliate, while spend minimal time actually working to grow your business.

After 20 years as an affiliate marketer, I HAVE learned some ways to work smarter rather than harder to grown your affiliate marketing business.

Membership in the second group in NOT free, but LIFETIME membership will cost you less than $5.

Simply grab the incredible training here: which DOES cost you less than $5....

Then visit:

and request that I add you to the group.
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