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Are You Honestly Ready For A Change?

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Posted 27th December 2015 at 08:24 PM by Willie Crawford

As 2015 rapidly draws to a close, most of us look back on the
past year and ask how satisfied we are with it.

Did we accomplish our major goals in the various areas of our
lives, or did things... somehow... get off course?

I'd like to ask you to take an honest look at what you
accomplished in your online business in 2015!

It's time to look at your RESULTS and ask if you need to do
things a little differently in 2016.

The one big thing that I've noticed far too many people do in
online businesses is FAIL TO GET THE PROPER TRAINING.

In my almost 57 years of living, I've held numerous vastly
different jobs, and in ALL of them, I received extensive
training in HOW to accomplish the job.

I did also receive proper training in how to build an online
business, although much of it was piece-meal.

Are YOU getting the results that you want from your online
efforts and all of the training that you've taken.

If not, one of two things is wrong:

1) The training is not working


2) YOU are not implementing

How do you change this in 2016?

It probably IS time for you to make a fresh start and to HONESTLY
embrace change, doing what you know that you need to do.

If all of the training that you've taken thus far isn't producing
results, then you need to STOP buying "training" from clueless
people who sell you garbage that they don't even really believe

If the problem is that you aren't implementing, then you probably
need someone to help keep you accountable.

I personally HAVE an accountability partner, but I'm also very

YOU need to make a brand new commitment, and unwaveringly stick
to it... all the way through to results.

Now, if you are honestly ready for a change, I have good news for

I'll step you through part of it, and I'll do it 100% for free.

Why would I do that?

Well, if I let you just keep floundering, you won't have the
money to buy the goods and services that I sell and that you will
need as your business takes off!

So, I'm being generous, but I'm also doing it for selfish

Here's what I'm willing to do...

Let's begin the change by building you what most experts consider
the most important asset in business... a list of customer.

Without customers (preferable repeat customers) or traffic
through your virtual doors, you can't build a successful business
since there'll be no one to buy whatever it is that you sell.

For us to get started, simply visit my site at:


Follow the instructions there to let me know that you're IN, that
you're seriously ready for a change, and we'll DO THIS.

I'll add you to a private Facebook Group where I do a lot of
mentoring in a group setting, and where members help to keep each
other accountable.

I'll see you inside the FB Group.

NOW is the time to decide to make 2016 different!

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