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Product Launches, Setting UNREASONABLE Goals, And Living Outside Of Your Comfort Zone...

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Posted 3rd September 2017 at 03:11 PM by Willie Crawford

I posted this on Facebook as a NOTE, and thought that you'd also
enjoy, and benefit from reading it. If you have feedback that
you'd like to offer, please leave it on my FB NOTE at:

I'm working on a friend's product launch... and will be TOTALLY
focused on it for the rest of this month.

The product, in the health and fitness and diet niche, launches
in two weeks... and will be a rolling launch.

I'll get compensated based upon sales volume, so naturally I'd
like to see this launch do multiple-seven-figures in the near

Given that so many people in the industrialized world know that
they need to get in better shape, and they know that they need to
lose weight, and they are desperately

searching for solutions... I don't think that that is an
unreasonable goal.

I've been watching product launches from behind the scenes for
over a dozen years now!

I've brokered launches since 2004!

In that time, I've seen massive successes, and I've seen dismal

I know lots of proven tactics and procedures to greatly increase
the chances of this launch's success.

I have more checklists that you'd believe, and I've gone through
an insane number of courses on product launches.

I've literally reviewed well over 100 product launch

I'm currently following along as my good friend, and product
launch expert, Jeff Walker releases a number of videos on how to
do product launches.

I HIGHLY encourage you to watch Jeff's videos. If you want to
learn how to launch a product, or a service, or a new business,
in ANY niche, you're sure to pick up

something that you can use from these videos.

In fact, go check out the first one as soon as you finish reading
my rant... I'm almost finished anyway.

Jeff's first video is at:

As soon as he releases the next one, I'll let you know where to
find that one. Actually... if you check out the first one, you'll
be notified of the second one. He

sorta links them all together, so if you stumble across any in
the series, you'll see links to the others.

I'm making time to study Jeff's materials VERY closely, and I AM
implementing what he teaches. In fact, I own versions 1 and 2 of
his Product Launch Formula course.

I've practically memorized his teachings, but things do change
over the years, and that's why I'm tuning into Jeff's latest.

Jeff has had 18 consecutive million dollar launches (if I'm not
mistaken). He knows his stuff, and I'm smart enough to listen to
the experts.

Getting back to my goal for the impending launch that I'm
working... putting in more hours than most people would consider

If I shared those goals with my family and closest friends, they
would pet me on the head (or feel my forehead to see if I had a
fever) and admonish me to "be


They would do that with the best of intentions. They would want
to protect me from being disappointed. They'd want to protect "my
delicate feelings" :-)

However, you should know that I am deliberately anything BUT

You can blame that on my friend, Paul Lemberg, who wrote a book
titled, "Be Unreasonable."

In reading that book, numerous times, and making so many notes,
and highlighting soooo many parts of it, I learn that if I expect
MORE out of myself, and out of those

that I work with, that I'll generally get it.

I learned how to set totally unreasonable expectations, make
totally unreasonable demands, attempt the seemingly impossible,
and THEN how to make that happen.

Paul's book in one of a handful of books that I make a point of
periodically rereading. It's one of those books that reminds me
that most people don't realize that

you need to live a little outside of your comfort zone to
accomplish great things.

Anyway, that's my inspirational speech for this Sunday. I do
challenge you to dare live at least a little outside your comfort

Now, go watch Jeff's video, and afterwards leave a comment on his
webpage. You'll learn a lot from the video, and want to leave
your feedback :-)

That video is at:

Feel free to share this NOTE... it's good karma ;-)

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