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The Truth About Website Traffic Generation

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Posted 16th May 2009 at 11:28 PM by Willie Crawford

The Truth About Website Traffic Generation
Copyright 2009 by Willie Crawford

Without traffic to your websites you have no customers.

Without customers, you have no sales, and really aren't
in business.

So the question becomes, "What really works in generating
website traffic?" Let's look closely at a few proven

1) An email newsletter is a quick way to generate repeat
traffic, but building a list takes time. There is a
popular saying in the Internet marketing community -
"The money is in the list." That's a true statement. With
a responsive list, you can generate sales with the click
of a button.

If you are not building a list right now, then you should
start. Offer an email newsletter or a free ebook or
piece of software to get people onto your list. Then
follow-up with them, delivering valuable information, and
when you offer them products, they will buy.

If you are relatively new to list-building, I recommend
that you start out by contributing one of your ebooks to
a free list-building giveaway. You can find current ones
which are free to join at:

2) Pay per click programs (such as Google AdWords) can
generate immediate traffic, but if it doesn't convert, you
can waste a lot of money. As soon as you set up your
pay per click account, and set up a campaign, you can start
to see traffic within minutes. The problem is that,
depending upon your niche, each click could cost you several

You pay for each visitor, and there's no guarantee that any
of them will buy anything!

3) Joint ventures are a risk-free way to generate tons of
quick, quality traffic, but it takes time and lots of effort
to build joint venture relationships. Most online marketers
that I know prefer dealing with friends, or people that they
actually know, like, and trust. Building those relationships
takes time and a concerted effort.

That's not to say that you shouldn't use joint ventures to
drive traffic to your offers, you just need to start
building those relationships today. A good place to start is
The Internet Marketing Inner Circle.

The Internet Marketing Inner Circle is a community that I
started back in 2006 as a place for people from numerous
niches and experience levels to work together. It's a place
where members brainstorm, do joint ventures, coach/mentor
each other, and even jointly create products.

Members of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle also get a
free Gold Membership in The International Association of
Joint Venture Brokers. IAJVB is a membership site where
members share information about upcoming product launches
and orchestrate joint ventures. Gold members can enter ALL
of their projects into the full-searchable database. This is
an EXCELLENT way to recruit affiliates/JV partners practically

You can join TIMIC and IAJVB at http:TIMIC.ORG Remember,
TIMIC members get a free year in IAJVB :-)

The truth about joint ventures is that unless you DO start
networking, you'll be an outsider who'll often find it
hard to get JV partners.

4) Creating content that discusses problems and shares
solutions to those problems is one of the most reliable ways
of generating quality free traffic.

That content should include articles, videos, podcasts, and
press releases since your audience members prefers consuming
information in different modalities.

Some prefer reading articles. They often print out an article
and make notes as they read it.

Some prefer watching videos that show them rather than just
telling them. Many of your audience members have spent a LOT
more time watching television than reading, and are
conditioned to learn via watching.

Some prefer listening. They may have hectic schedules and
consume your information by downloading a podcast and then
listening to it while out exercising, or on their long
commute to that job that they hope to leave soon.

Press releases are also an excellent way to get your concise
message into the hands of the right people. The search
engines as well as the media frequently comb press release
sites making press releases an excellent tool for search
engine optimization, and to get free media exposure.

I actually teach that you should start with an article,
turn that same content into a podcast, and create a
video from the same content. With a little creativity, you
can also do press releases related to the topic of your

Next you need to distribute your content. There are
literally tens of thousands of places where you can
distribute your content, but in each category, only a
handful get significant traffic.

Focus on submitting to the top 10-25 sites in each
category (article, video, podcast and press release).

You can submit manually, but in order to really get
noticed in many niches you need to crank out a LOT of
content. Manually submitting dozens of articles could
become a full-time, incredibly tedious job. Instead, I
recommend using an automated submission service that
complies with the terms of service of the sites that it
submits to.

I personally do my submissions using Easy Push Button
Traffic, and recommend that you do the same. The
proprietary software and method that Easy Push Button
Traffic uses ensure that the sites that you submit to
accept and display your content.

EPBT is at

The truth about traffic is that you have to figure out
where it's at and stand in front of it. All of the
methods described above allow you to do that. For the
average marketer, creating and distributing content is
the method that's easiest to implement, and that makes
the most sense.


Willie Crawford is an internet marketing and traffic
generation expert. He often distributes content (articles,
videos, podcasts, and press releases) to generate highly
targeted website traffic. To do that efficiently he uses
the automated service:
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