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Outsourcing And Delegating How-To - Becoming A More Profitable Affiliate

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Posted 6th November 2009 at 03:32 PM by Willie Crawford

On the night of November 5th, I hosted a webinar
on outsourcing and working with virtual assistants
featuring my friend Jeff Mills.

Jeff has released several products, including a
comprehensive course on oursourcing.

In his presentation Jeff shows you where and how
to out outsource work.

For example, Jeff points out that it's possible to
hire a full-time worker in the Philippines for $250-
$400 per MONTH, with them putting in 40 hours per
week working on your projects. Jeff goes on to point
out that, according to the CIA Fact Book, that
pay level is above the current average income for
the country.

Jeff's presentation lasted almost 2 hours...
all solid, actionable information, with urls
that you can go to to find people to outsource
work to, or hire VA's.

Your online business can only be so successful,
and can only grow beyond a certain point when you
start handing off the tasks that you should no
longer be doing.

You need to learn to work ON your business instead of
IN your business.

You can listen to the recording of the webinar that
I did with Jeff at:

Jeff also covers how to best leverage the skills of
a good virtual assistant.

Jeff also shares 7 revenue models for using
outsourced workers. One of the simplest one was
flipping websites by buying ugly websites, having
skilled outsourced workers do a website makeover
in just a few hours, then selling that website for
a $200 - $500 profit. Do 5 of these a week and clear
$1000 per week (PROFIT) all while sitting on the
beach sipping a pina colada!

Well, you get the picture.

Watch the webinar replay here:

I used the built-in speakers and microphone in my
laptop during the webinar, so don't tell me that I
sound funny. That's actually how I normally sound :-)

Let me know if you have any questions.

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  1. New Comment
    wrcato2's Avatar
    Fantastic webinare. Outsourcing the work when you can't afford to do it yourself anymore. I love it! Thank you for the audio.

    I know that this is going to sound bad and a lot of business owners might get a little tick off at me for saying this....

    But with our economy going the way of the dinasours and so many people out of work today, wouldn't it be nice to hire people from our own country?
    Wouldn't that be a good way to stimulate our own economy?
    instead of using other countries to do the work?

    Just some thing to ponder on...

    2Xtreme Blogger
    Posted 2nd January 2010 at 08:43 AM by wrcato2 wrcato2 is offline

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