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The Newbies Guide to the Warrior Forum

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Posted 3rd September 2011 at 02:24 AM by willN

Hello Warriors,
I thought I would finally offer my contribution the this vast source of information. I invite all comments from you old salts and newbies alike. (If your in between thats ok too. So here goes!

Newbies Guide to the Warrior Forum

1. Read
I will start with the absolute basics of the Warrior Forum (WF from this point forward). Reading... I am not saying you should read every post in every thread, but start with The Rules and then work you way through the posts that catch your interest. Before you know it you will start learning, and isn't that what we are all here for? I am not going to make a suggestion on what you should read because of the plethra of topics that the WF covers. But I will suggest that once you find a topic or two that does interest you, write them down and focus on them untill you are satisfied with the information you have gathered. Once you master a particular topic, grab another one to focus on. Before you know it, you will start seeing how everything works together. Just don't forget to keep up with your original topics. Information may come out that might prove invaluable to you.

2. Interact
This goes right along with reading. How cold we have a WF if now one posted anything right? As you go through the various topics, do not be afraid to ask questions or request clarification. Alot of the members here have been doing this longer than you or I have, and they may say things that seem like common knowledge to them, but you are in the dark about. Now I am not talking about asking questions like "Whats the best way to do this....." there is a search function for those questions which I will cover later. But certain terms or methods you do not understand, or a point of view that you can't seem to grasp, go ahead and ask about it. Without questions, no answers will be given.

Another part of interacting, (which I thoroughly enjoy) is answering questions. As you go through the world that is the WF you will pick up things that other newbies might not have. So if you find a spot where you can contribute, by all means share your thoughts. You wouldn't believe how much you pick up in a short time here without even knowing it. I have found that the best way to learn or remember something it is to share it. This is especially helpful for those topics that you are studying that I mentioned earlier. New questions can pose new challenges and insights that you never thought of before. Two heads is always better than one. 100 heads is (almost) always better than two.

3. Pay attention to legacy members, and admins
Now I do not mean this as a catch all, as you will find old school members and newbies who shine or have nothing to say. However, if you a member that has been around since 2004 with 3000 posts discussing your topics of interest, you should listen. These people have made their mistakes and have continued to learn and contribute to the growing world of IM. Not all of these members will be gems, but I am positive that almost all of them have something you can learn from. The same goes for the forum admin. He is a tinkerer by nature, and he tries all sorts of things and shares them here on this forum. And he has been doing it a long time. The point is, is that these people are the backbone of the WF. Their wealth of knowledge combined is astounding. And chances are if they are still here after so long, they will be willing to speak with you. The old salts, as I like to call them, have lost and made money while being members here. It would behove you to learn from their successes and mistakes.

4. Game Plan
Now I know some members might like this as the first point. However most people who come here for the first time do not know what they want. They just want money. So I am putting this here at number four. After you have read the forums and interacted awhile. It might be a good idea to set up a game plan. Figure out what your end goal will be, and work your way backwords from that point to where you are now. All to often people jump from idea to idea, losing money and never really commiting to anything. It happens more times then not, and the newbies get disheartened and leave. This is not what we want. We want you to stay and help our community grow in a constructive manner. After all you are the future of IM and the WF! Much like an outline, or a business plan, you need to have a plan of action to get where you want to be going. You don't say "I want to go to hawaii" and just start walking untill you happen to find an airport to get you there do you? No, you plan ahead. You search for flights in your time frame and budget. You book your hotels in advance and research activities that interest you. Hawaii was your destination then, so what is your destination now? Do you want to work for your self? do you want to make X amount of money in X time frame? Well good, now just plan out how you are going to get there. Stick to the plan and your goals as much as possible. Things may come up that may help or hinder you, much like a flight delay or a discount for your trip to Hawaii. The important thing is you know how you are going to get where you are going.

5. Use the search function!
Alot of the questions you have for almost any topic has already been answered several times over. By using the search function you can find almost anything you are looking for much faster than if you asked the question and waited for a reply. If after you use the search, and somehwo can find what you are looking for, go ahead and ask. We are all hear to learn and help eachother. If your question is very specific the just go ahead, and create a new thread (did I just rhyme?). But please don't understimate the power of the search. It is your friend, and we are your friends. You don't want your friends saying the same thing over and over making the forum a bottomless pit of mundane repetitive jargon untill their sole purpose is to repeat themselves like a broken record and they become mentally unstable and a threat to society do you? Ok.... so it's not that serious.....yet. Please use the search, and we will love you all the more for it.

Notice all the exclamation points, that must mean this is important right? Probably, but then again you will see these little !!! everywhere here. There are alot of things for sale here on the WF, especially in the WSO section. But alot of this stuff will not help you where you are. And, alot of it you can get for free using the SEARCH FUNCTION. You could spend your wholes years salary, and mine, and your moms on all the appealing offers on this forum. So do your research on offers and the people that provide them. If it is someone who only has a few posts under their belt and just joined last week, I would be a little more skeptical about their offers than from an offer from say an "old salt". Almost anything that claims an exorbent amount of money from little or no work in a short period of time is nothing but an attempt to reach for your wallet and take all the green out of it. Very rarely will you see a "game changer" that is authentic. If you have questions about an offer ask the poster, and ask the people who left positive feedback about the posters product. Just remember if it is too good to be true.... you know the rest.

7. The War Room
I do not mean to be an advocate for the WF to make money off of you, but this truly is worth it. The War Room is a special little place where all the good idea fairies get together and give some of the best information freely to it's members. Ok, so they are not fairies but Admins and moderators. The "higher ups" review all posts to the War Room for thier value to their readers. Those threads that don't make the cut, go play for some no name team in an undisclosed location. Those threads that do make the cut, get passed on for everyone to read. Out of all the money I have spent on Internet Marketing, the War Room has by far been the best investment I have made so far. Almost all of the threads I have read, I was able to use or take something out of... and there are alot of threads. So if you can spare the expense, I highly suggest joining the War Room after you have a grasp on things.

Member Additions

Posting questions by AndyHenry
I was thinking about how to help people get the best answers when they come here looking for help and it occured to me that the WF is very much like Google in this respect.
The quality of the returned information is massively determined by the way you ask your question.
In Google if you type "help with pain" you'll get millions of results about all types of pain, medication, treatments, cures etc...
If you type "using hypnosis to avoid pain at the dentist" then you'll get much more specific information.

This forum is the same.
If you title your thread "help me with this" - you're already going to struggle because people need to know more about what you want help with.
If you're looking for help with create a newsletter (for example) then a thread title something like "newsletters - how to create one?" would let the right people know to read your thread.
Then once you're composing your post the same applies. Don't just put "how do I get traffic to my site?" since the answer to this type of generic question will ALWAYS be - "it depends." There are way too many things for anyone to consider that without some more context they can only give you a poor or generic answer.

So, if instead you asked:
"Traffic in the PC gaming niche - Any tips for this?" and then provide some information such as "I have a PC gaming niche website where I do video reviews for new games as (and sometimes before) they're released. I get some traffic from people finding my site when searching on Google but I'm new to marketing and hoping some warriors could give me some thoughts on how to help increase my traffic. My ideal visitor would be a male 13-40 years of age into multi-player gaming and my most desired action from them would be to join my email list to get tips and find out when I release new videos. I sometimes put them on youtube but don't really understand video marketing so any tips on improving that would be great too.

Any and all advice greatfully accepted.

Thanks in advance"

Do you think you'd get better replies than the usual "do articles" or "get links"?

The more information you can give your fellow warriors to make their answers suit your situation - the better then answers will be and the more likely you are to get the right people responding to you.

Just a thought that might help you help yourself.

================================================== =====

Thats it for now. I tried to keep it as interesting as possible. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or adendums please feel free to post here or PM me.

May fortune smile upon you.... after it smiles upon me of course.

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